When it comes to cryptocurrency, people are often looking for ways to purchase it conveniently and trade it with as little pain as possible.

But did you know that you can earn Bitcoin simply by completing certain tasks?

That’s the promise behind the company BitcoinGet.

It might sound crazy but there is a new way for people to earn Bitcoin that doesn’t involve trading or mining and it hasn’t more than a few people skeptical of its purported promises

In fact, this is probably one of the biggest questions people have about BitcoinGet: Is it a scam?

And, really, given the astronomical value of Bitcoin, that isn’t an unreasonable question to ask.

That is why we are going to tackle it, and others, head on in this article reviewing BitcoinGet and its promises. If you’ve wondered whether BitcoinGet is legit or a scam, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll also give you a broader overview of how the whole thing works and what the reported benefits are so far.

What is BitcoinGet?

BitcoinGet Homepage

Ostensibly marketed as a “free” way to earn Bitcoin, BitcoinGet is not actually free but does require some kind of time expense or even labor on your part. The thing about BitcoinGet that is so novel is that the amount of Bitcoin awarded to users is determined by the task they complete. People who have any familiarity with the Amazon Mechanical Turk programis probably familiar with this concept in its basic format.

For example, if a user completes a survey, they are awarded a certain amount of Bitcoin, if they complete a job there is a certain amount as well.

Then there are “offers” that users can fulfill to earn Bitcoin as well. This last option is actually quite common across multiple industries and can be compared to the benefits credit card companies offer in terms of points and cash back rewards for certain purchases.

The only difference between these programs and what BitcoinGet is offering is that the latter is delivering you cold, digital cash in the form of Bitcoin and that naturally draws suspicion from people.

How does BitcoinGet works?

When users complete activities on BitcoinGet they are rewarded Bits which the website likens to pennies to dollars with Bits being smaller pieces of Bitcoin. When a user earns 1000 bits they can cash it out for .1% of a Bitcoin.

Registration is super simple but does require the user to have a Bitcoin wallet account somewhere and this address will have to be provided to BitcoinGet to sign up for the service. The company recommends Coinbase, one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

Mainly appealing to people who want to earn Bitcoin without spending hard-earned cash on it, BitcoinGet is a unique offering that might not be for everyone.

Some users prefer filling out surveys and the like to the prospect of mining for a Bitcoin or, even worse, actually shelling out the huge sums needed to buy an entire coin at current market rates. That said, BitcoinGet isn’t a joke and it isn’t easy to earn Bitcoin on here, it’s just a different way.

Tasks are updated frequently and the opportunities to earn Bitcoin are varied on the service. To truly take full advantage of it, however, users would probably have to do most of the tasks and offers available in order to really make it work for them. Given the fluctuating value of Bitcoin, this could or could not be worthwhile.

In terms of other ways to make money with BitcoinGet, users get referral bonuses for the friends they sign up to the service as well as access to a shop just for BitcoinGet members.

The company promises to reward the redeemed Bits with a Bitcoin transfer within 48 hours which is a pretty quick turnaround. The problem arises in the awarding of the Bits which can take anywhere from 2 days to show up to 45 days depending on the offer’s requirements. Basically, you’re not going to get rich quickly off of this service

And that brings us to the basic likes and dislikes a user can have about BitcoinGet.

Pros and Cons of BitcoinGet

In the positives column, BitcoinGet is easy to sign up for and use as well as providing a novel service for people who want to earn some Bitcoin. It is easy to find offers to complete and most of the requirements are easy to understand. Everything seems quite legit and the offers never ask for anything like invasive personal information or the like.

As for the negatives, BitcoinGet is not a quick way to cryptocurrency riches which is not surprising, really. But it is daunting just how much time you will have to sink into completing offers and tasks to earn the requisite Bits needed to cash out.

To truly take advantage of the service, users would need to complete everything on offer and, if the goal is to “make” money, this might be undermined by the merchant offers BitcoinGet asks users to consider.

On top of this, opportunities to earn Bits are not refreshed as often as power users would like which slows the process down. Unlike mining or trading, BitcoinGet relies upon partnerships with other entities that have varying timelines and schedules so it is hard if not impossible for users to “anticipate” their return on this kind of activity. This makes the potential income earned on BitcoinGet very low and, thus, somewhat unattractive to a trader serious about building up their Bitcoin holdings.

Which brings us to the most important question asked about BitcoinGet: Is it a scam?

Is BitcoinGet Legit or is it a scam?

Established in 2013, BitcoinGet is a long running company at this point and is not a scam. It isn’t a quick way to acquire Bitcoin, but it is far from a scam and is a totally legit way to try and earn a little bit of Bitcoin on the side. That said, even though the site is totally legit, it cannot be recommended for everyone.

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