It’s that time again when we will be graced with the most prestigious football competition in the world – The FIFA World Cup. This is the 22nd edition of the event and it sparks a lot of excitement and anticipation for a lot of reasons. This World Cup has gotten a lot of people talking, not just because of how huge the event is, but the peculiarities to the event this time around. Going further in this article, we will be throwing more light into some of the specifics that makes this World Cup unique.


For the first time since the hosting of the World Cup event, we will be having the event run its course from fall till winter (November 20 – December 18th, 2022). In former editions, the World Cup has always been fixed to run in the summer, between June and July. This is because that period is the most convenient time of the year for most players as they would have been done with their club games for that season. For this year, the World Cup is said to have disrupted the calendar of major club leagues that they would have to go on a long break to see the competition run its course.

However, because of the extreme weather conditions of the host nation, the World Cup event had to be pushed till the end of the year, since that’s when it’s least harsh in Qatar.

Host Nation

This is the first time the competition will be hosted by a Middle Eastern nation, Qatar. Most importantly, this is the second time the world cup will be hosted in Asia, the first being the 2002 World Cup hosted by Korea/Japan.

International Friendlies

Because of the timing of the World Cup this time around, there is little space to plan for international friendly matches in view of the main events. So for the first time in a long while, we won’t be graced with friendlies as a build up to the World Cup.

Proximity of the Stadiums

There seems to be some level of good planning put into making this World Cup work as the stadiums to be used for the different stages of the event are very close-knitted. All the eight stadiums that will be used for this edition of the World Cup are said to be within a 30-mile radius of Doha. This makes traveling from one game to another during competition convenient for the players, unlike in other editions where players had to travel long distances.

Crypto Collabs

In this era where crypto is becoming the order of the day, FIFA found a way to get with the trend by partnering with major players in the crypto industry. FIFA is said to have partnered with Algorand making them their official blockchain platform in a bid to further develop their digital assets strategy. FIFA is also working alongside Genesis, a key player in the NFT industry, offering amazing collectibles to attendees as they journey through the event. It is safe to say that this World Cup edition packs a punch.

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