Will Bitcoin‘s price rise in 2023? Nobody can know for sure. However, this has kept many traders from buying, trading, and accumulating during the dip, seeking out the lowest and most competitive fee structures to maximize gains for when the market kicks off again. And right now, cryptocurrency exchange Gate.io is offering the lowest trading fees on BTC and other mainstream cryptocurrencies.

Earlier this year, Gate.io launched zero-fee trading and eliminated trading fees on the most popular trading pairs across the exchange, such as BTC. At the time, trading with no fees was said to remain indefinitely, but there has been a recent adjustment to the applicable trading pairs.

While the new change removed zero-fee trading on the spot ETF market,Gate.io announced that all users could continue trading with absolutely no fees on select trading pairs. The pairs remaining in the zero-fee structure include all /USDT, /USD, /BTC, and /ETH spot market pairs along with BTC/USDT, in addition to all USD-M and BTC-M perpetual and all delivery futures pairs.

Laser-focused and optimistic about the future

Despite the small change, Gate.io still has the most competitive zero-fee implementation of any mainstream exchange, which was announced as a gesture toward millions of users worldwide to alleviate the pressure of the bear market. Investors can find out more about BTC/USDT at Gate.io exchange.

In addition to launching zero-fee trading, Gate.io has taken several actions to facilitate continued progress in the market and industry, such as the $100M industry support fund announced earlier this December. “Gate.io’s long-term outlook on Bitcoin and the wider crypto ecosystem is unchanged by the downturn. We will continue building and supporting a healthy market as we remain optimistic about the future,” said Dr. Lin Han, Founder, and CEO of Gate.io.

As of now, the fee structure will remain in place until further notice and may be around for a while as Gate.io reiterates its steadfast commitment to supporting healthy market development.

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