Whether you’re new to cryptocurrency or you have some experience trading you probably want to know what are the best Bitcoin payment gateways out there if for nothing other than reference purposes.

While being an exciting, new transactional medium, cryptocurrency does have a bit of a Wild West feel to it all – and that’s where reputable, stable Bitcoin payment gateways are invaluable to a cryptocurrency-based merchant.

Offering stability, security, and universality, these popular Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment gateways enable merchant to charge for their products services in cryptocurrencies conveniently

Because, let’s face it, as awesome as cryptocurrencies are, there are tons of predators out there looking to take advantage of individual merchants or even ripping off even entire platforms. Like robbing a bank but with even less evidence, the reliability and security of a payment gateway rests at the forefront of many merchants and consumers and will likely continue to be a major driving concern on into the foreseeable future.

That’s why a list of the top 7 Bitcoin & cryptocurrency payment gateways is not only useful but timely. Here we will talk about 7 different Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency payment gateway, their strengths, and why they might work for you as a merchant. Ultimately the decision is yours, but this guide should help you along the way.