Using cryptocurrency as a payment method is the wave of the future and early adopters are pioneering this movement to replace fiat currencies with one controlled entirely by open market forces.

But finding others that are willing to sign on and help with this revolution in online payments is perhaps the biggest challenge of all. Nonetheless, we can see that there are more and more merchants began to jump on the bandwagon and starting to accept bitcoin or other major cryptocurrencies payment for their services and products,  among them includes the web hosting service providers. In this article we’re going to give you our top 6 web hosting services that accept Bitcoin payments. Though most of these take other major cryptocurrencies as well, the overriding popularity of Bitcoin guided our decisions in this list and you be rest assured if it does a good job of handling Bitcoin it probably does others as well. Let's dive in.

  1. 1 Namecheap

    With over a decade in the game, Namecheap is the go-to for web hosting services that accept Bitcoin and has proven its commitment to the platform with consistent use and support over the years. Best of all, it’s an awesome web hosting service to boot. Many customers report awesome support and testify to the company’s dedication to its mission as well as in providing a consistent, secure online service. 

    If you currently own a website, Namecheap has an awesome transfer service that offers incredible guarantees of the equivalent of a free year or your money back. For those website owners worried about switching hosts Namecheap is probably the best all around service for ensuring that everything goes well with the move. Whether an established website or a brand new one, Namecheap is geared towards helping you get the most out of your online platform and will probably be one of the top players for years to come.

    Visit Namecheap

  2. 2 Hostinger

    Another awesome service that has been in the game for quite a long time is Hostinger. Geared towards users that don’t know exactly what they want to do with their website, Hostinger offers value for what you get and boasts of a huge community of users because of its innovative business model. The only real drawback to Hostinger is that it does require a big commitment on the part of the user when signing up in order to lock in the low rates and it is really basic in terms of the features it offers. 

    More advanced website developers may be frustrated with Hostinger’s stripped down approach but those who want a service that has been here for a while and uses Bitcoin payments with ease, Hostinger is a solid choice. But that’s not all - Hostinger also accepts a wide variety of other cryptocurrencies as payment so if Bitcoin isn’t your thing or you decide to switch to maybe Litecoin at some point, Hostinger is there to accommodate you.

    Visit Hostinger

  3. 3 Hostwinds

    One of the more robust options for advanced web developers, Hostwinds has all of the advantages of Namecheap with the added robust support for multiple cryptocurrency payments. If you find yourself thinking that Hostinger is lacking in the advanced features that you need as a web developer, then Hostwinds might be the answer for you. Not only does it support a ton of different cryptocurrency payments but also offers a set of support features specifically tailored towards people who know what they’re doing when it comes to web design. 

    Hostwinds is not only a major cryptocurrency payment accepting web hosting service but also regularly charts with the big boys among the best in the industry overall. If you need the security of a big company and the features of a more advanced platform, Hostwinds is the web hosting service for you.

    Visit Hostwinds

  4. 4 HawkHost

    This web hosting service has been in operation since 2004 and offers a ton of great features for web developers. Using Bitcoin Pay as its cryptocurrency payment service, HawkHost is limited in the cryptocurrencies it accepts but nonetheless does a great job with integrating Bitcoin payment into its infrastructure. Another hosting service that is probably better for people that have some experience developing websites. 

    Visit HawkHost 

  5. 5 Shinjiru

    A major player in East Asia, this Malaysian based web hosting service offers a ton of different options for web developers. With data centers around the world, the big advantage of Shinjiru is that you’re probably going to get a fairly robust experience at a great price no matter where you are located. Off-shore website hosting also has some advantages for people that are hosting sensitive or objectionable content that would not be permitted in their home country. Currently Shinjiru accepts Bitcoin payments as well as Ethereum but this could expand in the future as popularity for this payment method grows.

    Visit Shinjiru

  6. 6 Host 1 Plus

    Another major web hosting company with servers located around the world, Host 1 Plus also accepts Bitcoin payments as part of its main service. Host 1 Plus has a ton of services and add-ons for the web developer looking for a quality, reliable hosting service at a great price. Like Shinjiru, Host 1 Plus also offers off-shore hosting options for individuals who are interested in that.

    Visit Host 1 Plus

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