Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), a Web3-based digital art assets built on decentralised blockchain took 2021/2022 by storm. Skyrocketing cryptocurrency prices and rapid-fire NFT launches, recorded a staggering market cap growth to a combined market of over $40 billion in 2021 – up from just $100m in 2020.

Our team scouts and tracks hundreds of NFT daily to uncover interesting digital art projects to share with our audience. Cryptoverze Top 3D Rendered NFTs List 2022 features latest projects that has been gaining significant traction in the 3D digital art scene lately

Our editors’ finding highlights a list of 3D Rendered NFTs with interesting and novel project perspectives that are scheduled to release in the near future. Cryptoverze’ Editors’ Pick are in no particular order, in no way exhaustive and does not constitute an investment advice.

Support your favourite NFT project by casting your votes below! The voting will be closed on the 22th of March and the project with the highest vote by will be featured on the homepage of Cryptoverze 3 days prior to the release.

For project submission request, team members are welcome to reach out via dm ( team members only )

  1. Cryptomaniac

    Beat Bots is a social avatar brand with collection of 3,333 genesis bots based on the Ethereum blockchain with a ERC-721A smart contract.

    A time capsule within web3; our mission is to build a family-friendly brand for nostalgic '90s lovers. The Beat Bots brand aims to promote Cryptocurrency and NFT knowledge while developing a safe space for open-sharing, self-improvement and growth.

    If you grew up or enjoyed the '90s through its music, vintage clothing or even its toys—Beat Bots is your comfort zone!

  2. Cryptomaniac

    After a group of nerds have accidentally opened a portal to the Metaverse, there was no going back. Sightings of Morphies were reported in every major city from Tokyo to New York, and people started to fear that these strange invaders might eradicate us. Luckily, it soon turned out that Morphies are much more interested in binge-watching sitcoms and playing videogames than enslaving humans. Still, these fun-loving, mischievous little companions have nowhere to stay, so… will you adopt one?

    MetaMorphies is a pop-culture inspired 3D collection on the Ethereum blockchain, with the vision of building an immersive AR platform for NFTs and a state-of-the-art staking system.

  3. Cryptomaniac

    DoomBoo’s are cute little monsters living on the ethereum blockchain. There’s only 10,000 of them and 2 different species: Doom & Boo. They used to be millions. what happened? well, that’s what you’re about to find out on your journey with us! 

    Millions of years ago, before any of us were born, before humans ever existed, their spaceship crashed on earth. most of them died in the crash, but there was one survivor. the legend says he’s been among us this whole time, and now he’s reaching out to 9,999 of his friends. when? why? how? we don’t know this stuff, but one thing we know for sure is that they are coming…

  4. Cryptomaniac

    SmolMonsters are highly detailed 3D rendered smol Monsters with over 1.6 million hair particles for that extra fluffiness. More than 1000 rendered layers and 55 traits guarantee an unique monster for everyone. 

  5. Cryptomaniac

    If you’ve ever wanted to truly feel a part of a real royal family, you’ve reached the right place. Each one of these royal eggs is handcrafted and algorithmically rendered into a magnificent work of art created by 3D artists with over 20 years of experience. Each Royal Egg is a key. A key to a new, exciting monarchy for which only key holders have access.

    The royal eggs are a collection of 8,888 unique handcrafted and algorithmically rendered NFT eggs. According to the team's vision, anything you see is a 3D object designed manually and textured accordingly, the quality of the Royal Eggs is 2K and besides the amazing 3D art and appearance, hidden in each egg is a key that unlocks the royal world. More about the royal world will be revealed soon

  6. Cryptomaniac

    Réseau GENESIS collection will be an auction of 10 unique NFTs. They will include a RéseauPlatinum membership which will grant access to all the upcoming seasons, upcoming events and services, exclusive auctions, and a small share of our earnings. 

    The following benefits are elementary for all GENESIS holders. All Gold Benefits, Lifetime All Seasons Flatrate, special Meetups, Platinum Alpha, good chances for perfect integration, and the most exclusive collection that will ever come.

  7. Cryptomaniac

    An NFT collection of 9999 Fishes trying to escape Dr.Fishman’s evil plans, heading towards the Opensea.

    With the “Fishes” comes their “Companions“. 2122 unique companions to be minted on the Fishmarket.

    Fishman’s Laboratory is a project brought to you, by a team of Architects, Designers and NFT enthusiasts breaching the gates of this massive Web3 universe ...or we shall say METAVERSE !!


  8. Cryptomaniac

    Rock Rhinos is prestigious herd of 8,888 Ultra-Realistic Generative 3D Rhinoceros willing to run on the Solana blockchain. Besides being stylish and unique, each rhinoceros has an own personality

  9. Cryptomaniac

    Imaginary Ones is a delightful 3D art with an initial drop of 8888 unique NFTs on the Ethereum network.

    The project believes in using art to spread love, positivity, and creativity.

    Created by Cmttat, a renowned artist based in Singapore.
    The team behind Imaginary Ones has more than a decade of experience working with
    clients like Nike, Apple, Samsung, Heineken, Spotify, L'oreal, etc.

  10. Cryptomaniac

    OMNI SOCIETY is a collection of 10101 unique next generation 3D NFTs stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, designed by world leading artists from NETFLIX, HBO, MTV and created by a team featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Bloomberg. The collection depicts the key symbols of privacy & decentralisation and it is the first collection launched within the ATOM™ ecosystem (the first Metaverse Venture Capital Fund). The project will reward its holders with staking, airdrop, and whitelist benefits.

  11. Cryptomaniac

    13,200 Future-generation 8K res, on trend Nemesis Ape NFTs.

    Completed in full CG 3D, sculpted from scratch. Unique, idiosyncratic and articulate with added rhythm and style, evolved to thrive within the ape multiverse.

  12. 12 Apiens


    Apiens is a community-focused Web3 startup creating blockchain-
    integrated clothing for web3 enthusiasts.

    The world is continuously changing, and everything is going to connect
    with the internet, with clothes already being one of them. We are on a
    mission to produce "NFTs- integrated merch" for Web3 enthusiasts.

    Apiens' mission is to “create a compelling blockchain-integrated wearing
    experience for crypto- native people" and its main vision is to have "blockchain-integrated clothing == Apiens".

  13. Cryptomaniac

    Olympus Gods is an artist-led NFT collection born out of pure passion.

    Avihoo and the team he has put together aim to introduce tattoo art into the virtual world.

    The collection merges real life art, made on human skin, with the virtual world. Allowing both the users and the artist to express their tattoo art in a whole new dimension.

    The Olympus Gods universe fuses ancient mythological figures with fashion culture, tech, and inspirational body art.

  14. Cryptomaniac

    Battle Droids is a unique collection of 7,500 NFT’s born in the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC-721 tokens & hosted on IPFS

    The 3D artwork was inspired by the best Droid movies of all times. To highlight the quality of each character, the art team has made over 300 unique traits with numerous details you’ll discover.

    Becoming part of the BD community gives you ownership and commercial rights of your NFT.

  15. 15 Catless


    The Catless NFT Project consist of a collection of 9999 NFTs with the goal of taking the Social Media experience to the next level.

    In the application the team developed with the Web3 infrastructure, there will be many features where you can list your NFTs in your profile,make a profile picture, interact with new people by joining sound rooms and many more..

    The project will be the entrance ticket to the application which the team will make, and they plan to increase the audience of their application with the cooperation they will make after sales.

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