NFT, short for non-fungible tokens, is taking the world by storm. The first digital asset to make headlines was “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” NFT by American artist Beeple, sold for USD 69 million in March 2021- slightly more than one year ago. With such large sums being invested in digital assets, more investors have found their way into the metaverse via the more popular NFT projects.

The NFT space continues to witness new project launches every day. People of all walks of life, from world-renowned singers to movie stars to public figures, are investing in digital assets and showcasing them on social media. In turn, this has contributed to a thriving market for NFTs.

Today we’ll take a close look at some of the most adorable, delightful and unique NFTs with interesting utilities that have captured the attention of many. Some of these are slated to be released in the upcoming months. The Cryptoverze Editors’ Picks are in no particular order, are not exhaustive and do not constitute investment advice.

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  1. Cryptonite

    Metablox (official Polygon partner) aims to preserve humanities most important memories, forever on the blockchain. Memories matter -- your history, your ancestry, collective deserves to be passed on to future generations. But right now, memories are centralized on Dropbox, Google Photos, and even Instagram.

    By utilizing the power of the blockchain, Metablox decentralizes your most important memories, living forever on the blockchain so that they can be passed down to future generations.

    Most importantly, memories are rooted to Blox- Metablox's NFTs. The more meaningful the memory, the more valuable the Blox will be. Blox owner becomes the Memory Curator of a location, curating memories submitted from all over the world.

    Metablox's vision is to create a more empathic, unified humanity. In the future, owners will be able to use augmented reality as they travel the world, experiencing the most important memories that happen in each new location visited. Speaking of which, immersing in the culture and history of the location like never before could now be made possible.

  2. Cryptoverze-Obeshiba-X-TOMODACHI.gif

    Tomodachi is a one-of-a-kind robotic friends built by Professor Tomodachi to explore the world and make new friends. Tomodachi is designed as companions to spread the values of friendship, acceptance, and empathy, and bridges Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and the Gaming to enable holders interact with their Tomodachi in fun and meaningful ways.

    Each Tomodachi is unique with different personality, grows smarter by learning new commands, and rewards holders with more utility tokens (Tomo) when its happiness levels are maintained. Future developments includes the launch of TOMO TOWN, a 3-D metaverse that changes the way interactions between holders and AI-based NFTs are perceived!

    Closing the perceived gaps between digital and physical realities, Tomodachi would release premium merchandises such as plushies, keychains, backpacks, and more.

  3. Cryptonite

    The Pals are a collection of 8,888 unique characters on the Ethereum blockchain who represent inclusivity and joy.  Partnering with celebrities, top brands, and thought-leaders, Praise Pals aims to create one-of-a-kind Web3 experiences that brings positive impact in charitable causes and community. 

    Introducing a unique concept of "Have fun. Earn PRAISE. Uplift society" as the fundamental pillar for innovation, Praise Pals was featured in KIVO Daily, New York Weekly, LOS ANGELES WIRE, The US News, and O US Reporter. 

    Charities or causes gets 5-10% of sales to uplift society. Praise Pals community is rewarded with $PRAISE tokens by participating in network activities. Celebrities, influencers and top brands enjoys greater exposure and establish deeper connections with fans in a whole new level!

  4. Cryptonite

    GoodBunny Society is a social movement of goodness, where anyone from anywhere regardless of background, social status, age, race, and gender can collectively make a positive impact to the world. With GoodBunny, everyone is welcome to join and be a part of the Spread of Goodness Family; a movement that advocates in creating good social impact to the surroundings and to this world.

    GoodBunny Society will support NGOs or communities who are supporting one or more United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Approximately 50% of revenue from minting pre/public sale will goes to community wallet which will be used for (1) donate to NGOs and communities based on community voting; (2) fund GoodBunny Society holders initiatives; and (3) funding needs to pursue roadmap and marketing.

    With the aim to becoming the pioneer and iconic NFT brand for social good through the creation of Web 3.0 of Global Giving + Philanthropy Fundraising, GoodBunny's roadmaps outlines exciting components which includes:- 

    (1) donating specific NGOs based on DAO voting every month, (2) enable holders initiate and share their own social project (for potential funding), (3) provide access to exclusive contents, merchandise & IRL volunteering events, (4) build BunnyVerse in Sandbox/ Decentraland, (5) establish a tight and warm hearted community where people feel comfortable to hangout & share all of their thoughts and feeling in a safe space for everyone, and (6) develop P2E2D (play to earn to donate), etc in 2023.

  5. Cryptonite

    Inspired by the play-to-earn non-fungible token (“NFT”) games that has taken the world by storm, comes Puff Music Entertainment, which aims to create its own NFT game but with an exciting twist – Sing-To-Earn! On our platform, we welcome all talented individuals to showcase and monetize their talent while having fun!

    Puff Music Entertainment is a collection of 4,400 Generative Puff NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. With over 80 different traits and characteristics, each Puff is a unique individual at the time of creation, making owning a Puff NFT a fun experience for everyone.

    Mint Date will be on 26th April 8pm (Singapore Standard Time), with 0.04ETH (whitelist mint price) and 0.06ETH (public mint price).

  6. Cryptomaniac

    Aside from owning a unique and amazing RiceDay avatar, you will get access to their unique food loyalty program where you can earn deals and promotions at partnered restaurants.

    Addtionally, owning the genesis RiceDay NFT certifies you as an early supporter and will earn you priority access to RiceDay's physical events as well as to the RiceDay app when it is released.

  7. Cryptonite

    Degen Labz is a community-driven space that will release projects based on culture, fashion, and all around amazing art for collectors to hold, use as inspiration, and collect over time. Led by a family orientated team of founders, artists, and animators, Degen Labz advocates in creating a platform where all the Degens of WEB3 a space could voice their opinions, thoughts, and creativity all in one place.

    Degen Kidz is a collection of 10,000 unique late 90s / 2000s nostalgic y2k inspired randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

    Degen Labz immediately releases project-specific utilities for every project lauch, on top of have utility as a whole for IRL and WEB3. From IRL "work hubs" that holders can venture into, to meeting other community members and build, to launching merchandises, accessories, and IRL collaborative events, airdrops and WL for new projects are some of the exciting developments that community can look out for.

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