Ukraine has been going through a lot lately, and farmers from Ukraine have stepped forward to help Ukraine in this hard time. Ukrainian farmers have become heroic in the ongoing struggle against Russian invaders. Pictures of them lugging captured Russian tanks behind tractors have gone viral worldwide, and there’s no doubt that the scene will go down in history as a watershed moment. The fundraising programs to save Ukraine have majorly gone viral, and a piece of new news is circulating on the net where invading soldiers continue to savagely shell their motherland; local farmers have devised yet another means to mock the Russian army while raising funds to reconstruct Ukraine.

Through the platform of OpenSea, the farmers plan on auctioning the used and occupied Russian tanks. On the world’s largest NFT marketplace, one Ukrainian farmer offers to “experience owning your own Russian tank!” He presently has three Russian tanks available for purchase in his collection, each with a starting price of 250 ETH (about $700K USD).

However, just because the tanks are for sale on the NFT marketplace does not indicate that their purchasers will receive them in actual form. In reality, quite the opposite is true. “Each of my tanks is ethically sourced, that means they were abandoned, no crew was hurt in the process. So, the insides are clean, most, if not all, of the equipment has been left inside, and they are not haunted,” said the person who sold tanks. Each NFT tank contains a secret tag that the owner can only see. The tag contains the exact locations of where the war trophy is hidden and retrieving instructions.

An amusing farmer remarked that “Yes, you have to transport it away yourself. In Europe you can move it by train, but if you are dedicated, it can probably be shipped to USA, or anywhere else by cargo ship”.

The T-64BV, T-72A, and T-80U are three different versions of Soviet-era Russian battle tanks in the farmer’s collection. There are no plans to add any more trophies to the collection. The funds raised through war will be utilized to restore the agriculture of Ukraine. An excessive amount of heavy agricultural machines were destroyed during the war, so the funds will be used to restore them and grow the crops for the citizens.

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