Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused a lot of damage, the farmers decided to stand for their Nation and make it better once again. They came up with the idea of auctioning the used Russian Tanks and using the money to restore the agriculture of Ukraine. With the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine at an all-time high, Ukrainians have turned to technology to reclaim their homeland. This auction, organized by Ukrainian farmers, is a fantastic example of how NFTs and cryptocurrencies may be used in any situation. More than a month has passed since Russia invaded Ukraine, and the country is attempting to recover through cryptocurrency. On the Ethereum NFT marketplace OpenSea, Ukrainian farmers opted to auction Russian tanks. The auction invites individuals to learn about the benefits of owning a tank. The auction would begin with a minimum bid of 250 Ethereum ($700000). Three artworks are up for grabs in the online auction.

NFTs auctioned on OpenSea or in another virtual art gallery are typically only available in digital format. However, after purchasing the NFT tank, the buyer will receive an actual tank. The real tanks that join the sale, according to the notice, are not destroyed. Instead, during the conflict, the sailors abandoned them, searching for new regions. No one was hurt during the tank evacuation, according to the report. All three components in the NFT tank auction include a secret phrase only revealed to the buyer. The specific position of the actual tank and the measures to recover the Russian war item will be included in this letter.

The T-80U, T-72A, and T-64BV types, which correspond to armaments employed by the Soviet Union, are among the models that could be disclosed regarding the NTF tank sale. It will be a restricted auction, with only a few virtual commerce enthusiasts able to profit if they get there early enough.

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