Since blockchain technology is busy going around transforming industries,  one of the world’s fastest-growing and largest industries, namely healthcare industry shouldn’t be left out. A trip to the doctor is usually plagued by never-ending routine of protocols such as booking an appointment, picking up your files, verifying your insurance code, and searching for your medical records. The healthcare sector needs some serious overhauling and what better way to revolutionize this sector than through blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The healthcare sector has suffered enough, especially when patients’ data and privacy are often tampered with and this broken system can easily be fixed by blockchain.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency may not be the cure for terminal illness or a cutting-edge medical breakthrough, but it holds tremendous potential to transform the healthcare industry and ecosystem. Increase in privacy, efficiency, security and interoperability of patients’ data and health records are just several of the many potential benefits that the technology can bring about. There are multiple promising projects currently working hard to connect the fragmented ecosystem and revolutionize the industry by capitalizing on blockchain technology, some of the best ones include


Disclaimer: The purpose of this list is not to pick the ” best ” cryptocurrency. The fundamental purpose of this list is to encourage community engagement and intellectual debate among the supporters of different cryptocurrency projects. We provide a third-party platform that hopefully makes people think. Too many times people are blinded by the community enthusiasm in official social media channels of individual projects and fail to see through the veil. By bringing supporters of different projects together, we hope to unravel the actual value and sentiment of each project via civilized debates. p.s. Nothing in this article should be treated as financial advice.

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  1. Cryptomaniac

    This is a blockchain solution for the dental industry worldwide. The project is built on the Ethereum blockchain smart contract technology aims to support the world dental society by developing and improving the dental care system through easy accessibility and payment schemes when using the DCN coin.

    Buy Dentacoin

  2. Cryptomaniac

    MediBloc is reinventing your healthcare experience by creating a decentralized healthcare system for patients and healthcare providers to share and access data with ease on a secured platform. It aims to redistribute the sovereignty of medical data back to each individual while promoting better quality care and accelerating innovation.

    Buy MediBloc

  3. Cryptomaniac

    The biggest issue that the healthcare sector has is the problem of missing data while others are still using the conventional methods of data processing, Medicalchain is adopting blockchain solution to securely store patients records on electronic mediums in an organized manner. The company is digitalizing health records and making use of the blockchain technology distributed ledger system for easy payment management in the hospital.

    Buy MedicalChain

  4. 4 Lympo


     Lympo is leveraging on blockchain technology to monetize sports and health data through distributed ledger system while offering incentives to users. This is a free healthy lifestyle ecosystem powered by user-generated and controlled data system. The users' data are effectively monetized and used to reward users in the form of LYM which can be expended on further improvement of a healthy lifestyle.

    Buy Lympo

  5. Cryptomaniac

    FarmaTrust is leveraging blockchain technology to provide a secure and regulated platform for pharmaceutical companies and government agencies to prevent the sales and supply of counterfeit drugs in the healthcare sector. The system also uses artificial intelligence and big data analysis to provide value-added services for a more efficient and transparent drug supply chain that is safe, secure, and encrypted.

  6. 6 AIDOC


    Aidoc is an innovative project that leverages on artificial intelligent and deep machine learning to transform the medical industry. Aidoc is combining smart hardware and IoT applications with blockchain based artificial intelligence and deep learning to predict and analyze personal medical data of the human body to provide patients with constant wellness and health insights.

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  7. 7 Shivom


    Shivom strive to make effective collaboration between DNA data donors and revolutionary changemakers in the field of healthcare, biotechnology and research institutes possible. It provides a platform where the data contributors will be able to control the access rights to their genomic data and receive rewards as incentives when they opt to share it.

    Buy Shivom

  8. Cryptomaniac

    Docademic leverage on the blockchain technology to create healthcare platform that enables data exchanges between interested parties powered by the MTC token.  Docademic blockchain serves as a trustful repository for health and medical data and user incentivized via the MTC token to contribute their data in exchange for services and benefits provided by third parties.  

    Buy Docademic

  9. Cryptomaniac

    Patientory is a project capitalizing on blockchain technology to empower the healthcare sector to organize, store, and share data safe and securely while improving data encryption and security in the sector. The platform also aims to build better communications between doctors, caregivers, providers, and patients.

    Buy Patientory

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