When it comes to cryptocurrency, we notice so many new concepts emerging out every single day. Whether related to its ever-changing nature or some new application or currency that has entered the market, there is always something to talk about.

With everything that is going on in the crypto world, it is astonishing to see new cryptocurrencies emerge from ground up at mind-blowing speeds. Launched at $0.14, Neo took the world by storm, exploding with its highest at $161.98. This brought in a flurry of investors who want to be a part of this bustling currency.

With this in mind, storing this cryptocurrency securely has become one of the top priorities of many budding investors. Since there are different types of wallets that are being used in the market, let us look at how each of these individual options can be used to secure NEO, as well as GAS.

List of the top NEO and Gas Wallets

Hardware wallets for NEO and GAS

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These wallets provide one of the best measures of security by storing your cryptocurrency offline,as well as detailed measures to make sure that your cryptocurrency is secure at all times. Although it is relatively expensive, this onetime payment is sure to provide the best means of security for your cryptocurrencies.

Among the hardware wallets, the Ledger Nano S is one of the most secure options out there. Equipped with security features such as two-factor authentication and a secure PIN, the Leger Nano S is one of the best ways available in which you can store and secure your NEO cryptocurrency.

Check Out Ledger Nano S

Web Wallets for NEO and GAS

Web wallets are used to store and secure cryptocurrencies on a web-based platform. This makes it easier to access and utilize your cryptocurrency from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Here are a few web wallets that are suited to store NEO cryptocurrency.

  • NEO Wallet

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The NEO Wallet is a lightweight web wallet designed to be fast, light and easy to use in order to store and transfer NEO and GAS cryptocurrencies. This provides access to users   to store their cryptocurrencies in an encrypted environment with a simplistic interface.

Check Out NEO Wallet

  • NEO Tracker

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Like the NEO Wallet, the NEO Tracker is a simplified web wallet that is used to store and control your NEO coins in a secure environment. It is capable of storing your cryptocurrency and is supported on leading browsers. However, the wallet can only store NEO and GAS, if you are an active trader dealing with multiple cryptocurrencies then you could explore other wallet options. 

Check Out NEO Tracker

Desktop Wallets for NEO and GAS

Desktop wallets are used to store your cryptocurrencies on a personal computer. Since it is stored remotely, is more difficult for malicious users to access your cryptocurrencies. Here are a few examples of reliable desktop wallets.

  • NEON Wallet

This cross-platform wallet is a must-have for those who are new to the world of cryptocurrency due to its simple and intuitive interface. The NEON Wallet is easy to use and also provides a stable platform to store NEO coins.


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This desktop wallet provides a Graphical User Interface to handle your cryptocurrency by synchronizing with the entire NEO blockchain. This is then applied to your wallet with a password protection which can be backed up using your private key.

  • NEO CLI 

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This is a crypto wallet for the more advanced users. By utilizing a Command Line Interface, this desktop wallet is capable of storing and transferring both NEO and GAS cryptocurrencies across the blockchain.

Paper wallets for NEO and GAS

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Paper wallets are wallets that store your public and private addresses on a piece of paper, thereby preventing all other users from accessing it. With this in mind, paper wallets are used to safely store and secure cryptocurrencies across the platform as long as the paper is secure. Since it leaves no digital trace, the biggest advantage of paper wallets is in its ability to be stored offline and at the same time, maintain the highest levels of security.

A great example of the paper wallet for NEO and GAS crypto is Ansy. This paper wallet is capable of generating the address of the cryptocurrency and storing it as a hard copy. With this, your keys will be stored offline, giving you full security while the physical copy is stored.

Exchange Wallet for NEO and GAS

You can also opt to store your NEO and Gas on an exchange. It is, however, not a recommended option, as your fund might be subject to various phishing or malicious attack. If you are an active trader, then it makes sense to have some fund handy in the online wallet, however, if you don't plan to trade those funds frequently or anytime soon, you are recommended to keep them in an offline hardware wallet for better security. 

Here's several exchanges that support NEO and GAS


All in all, offline crypto wallets are one of the best and most secure methods for storing and securing cryptocurrencies. More so for rapidly developing crypto such as NEO. The list above is compiled after testing these wallets personally. With all this taken into consideration, it is also necessary to incorporate other precautions that can be used to ensure that you make the most out of your crypto experience and keep your wallet secure. We hope that this article helped you in choosing the best NEO and GAS wallet to store your cryptocurrency securely. Should you guys have any other suggestions that you think deserve a spot in this article, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. 

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