You have heard of many malicious tricks and crimes perpetrated by internet hackers. Perhaps you have been the victim of some of their malevolence: malware, identity theft, Trojan Horse software and ransomware. Traditional internet security is only able to deal with such issues in retrospect. A new threat—or even a total paradigm shift in hacking—develops. Internet security firms dissect it and determine how to protect against it, then the new protocol is dispensed among internet users. In this way, hackers are always two steps ahead of the good guys. If you take a step back and consider where your vulnerability comes from, you recognize that all hacking depends upon someone gaining access to your system. If you can deny access to hackers, you do not have to worry about their costly pranks.

A New Threat to Your Finances and Data

One of the more recent challenges to your internet safety goes by the innocuous name credential stuffing. Compared to other forms of malicious hacking, this is both simpler and more dangerous. The process involves hackers stealing or buying large numbers of user IDs and passwords. Then the hackers systematically insert the information into various landing pages to see what this information will open up. This form of stuffing works around the premise that most internet users reuse the same user ID and password repeatedly so they do not have to learn new ones. A rudimentary example would be that hackers steal a bunch of information from a social media platform of which you are a member. Then their computer system tries to use that same information to access bank accounts until they hit paydirt.

The Crypto Network and Why It Is More Secure

Why does crypto network security promise to be better able to foil hackers? In a nutshell, it keeps all the doors locked against them. If you consider a burglar trying to break into your dwelling, they are not going to knock a hole in the wall. They are going to come in through a door or a window. Just so with hackers. They must find a way into your operating system and software. Crypto security uses a method called blockchains that virtually seal the doors and windows of your computer system. Essentially, blockchains perpetually verify legitimate interactions between users all the way back to the first time you accessed another internet portal.

A New Password-Free Way of Communicating

The whole notion that every bit, byte, ID and password that tries to access your business platform needs to be verified is in large measure behind the amazing zero trust security concept. This concept proceeds from the notion that every interaction is scrutinized. No outside or inside source is allowed automatic, unlimited access to your data or system. You have heard stories about someone in a business opening a seemingly innocuous attachment to an email and instantly the entire system and every attached computer were infected with malware. New crypto security programs are designed to prevent the infection and spread of such incursions. These systems are sometimes called MFA (multi-factor authentication), meaning no simple sign-in will suffice to open the vault to your sensitive data.

Industries Relying on Crypto Security

By definition, some online businesses may not be all that interested in making it more difficult to access their platforms. Social media sites, ride-sharing services and restaurants with online menus come to mind. However, those categories with highly sensitive data that must not be comprised are moving to crypto security:

  • Financial and banking industry. Crypto security is second nature to the growing cryptocurrency culture.
  • Governmental agencies. No state or local constabulary wants hackers to be able to shut off the water or the emergency network.
  • Medicine and insurance. A breach of these industries can directly lead to lost lives and delayed medical care.
  • Telecommunication companies. Internet and smartphone outages directly lead to chaos and disorder.

The next generation of internet security is at hand and its name is crypto security.

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