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The workforce or team is one of the factors that determine the ability of an organization to grow. Therefore, for an organization to grow and thrive well, it needs to employ the best people with the right skillset.

However, the hunt for the right talents is more competitive now than ever. To acquire and even retain the right talents, employers are increasing their focus on job benefits. Employees are not only concerned about getting the jobs with the right salaries alone; they also consider the benefits attached to the job too.

What Are Job Benefits? 

Job benefits are the benefits attached to a job. It can also be said to be any form of compensation an employee gets, which differs from their regular salary or wages. The common compensations familiar with are overtime, paid time off for vacation days, medical insurance, and disability insurance.

However, as the talent market is getting more competitive, some employers will offer some additional benefits. These benefits are given for free or at a reduced price deducted at regular intervals from the employees’ paycheck. Some of these benefits include:

  • Retirement benefits
  • Dental insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Employee assistance
  • Childcare benefits
  • Tuition reimbursements
  • Business expenses
  • Vision insurance
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Commuting assistance
  • Giving some products for free or at discounted prices

Why Are Job Benefits Important?

Job benefits are important to both the employer and the employee. A recent survey of why employees leave their jobs showed that 77% of respondents would consider leaving a job with poor benefits. Therefore, offering a job with good benefits as an employer satisfies your employees and gives you the chance to retain such employees. Here are some reasons why job benefits are very important.

  1. It attracts good talents

If you want to hire the best talents to help your company or organization succeed, then offering a job with good benefits is a great way to start. You may think that offering a large paycheck attracts employees; try adding good job benefits and see the numbers soar. A survey even discovered that 55% of employees would likely take a job with slightly lower pay if it has good benefits.

Plus, almost all employers are offering jobs with benefits these days, so why be different? If anything, it makes you more competitive with hiring. If not, you stand the chance of losing the best candidates to other organizations that offer benefits attached to the jobs.

  1. It increases productivity

Job benefits can improve the focus and productivity of your employees. How? Well, offering your employees jobs with some benefits means they won’t have to be worried about some things in their personal lives, such as medical expenses, childcare, finances, and so on. A worry about these things can lead to absenteeism in their workplace and reduced productivity when present.

So, if they are not worried about these little things that could make them lose sleep, they can focus better on their tasks and career advancement.

  1. It balances work and life.

Many employees nowadays are looking for jobs with benefits that will strike a balance between their personal lives and their career.

Some of these benefits that foster a balance between work and personal life include flexible hours, vacation time, paid time off, and the chance to work from home. These benefits allow parents to balance their career advancements with personal life like childcare and other family commitments. They also allow them to spend good and quality time with their families and friends.

Benefits with work-life balance make employees live more fulfilling lives, which can help relieve stress, prevent burnout, and make them more productive.

  1. It reduces employee turnaround.

Apart from hiring, it would help if you also thought of how to keep your employees around. This is where a good benefits package comes in again. Offering your employees good benefits packages can prevent them from being swayed by other job offers. When you give your employers these benefits packages, they feel more secure; hence they are not likely to start handing out their resumes.

Although it may look like an extra expense to you at first, if you consider the cost, you will likely incur hiring and training new staff often, then it is more of a fair bargain. Plus, retaining your employers means you will always have an experienced and knowledgeable workforce that can quickly tackle any problem with expertise. You can’t always get this from new employees. So, you see, you win at the end.

Therefore, if you want your employees to hang around for a long time, provide them with benefits that will give them a reason to stay.

  1. It boosts employee’s morale.

Good employee morale is very important as it can lead to a better working spirit. This can increase productivity and the overall success of a business. A report by the American Psychological Association shows that it is twice as likely for an unhappy employee to be diagnosed with depression.

Employees will feel you care about their personal needs when you offer them benefits packages. This will, in turn, make them more loyal, satisfied, and stable at work. It may even make them feel that they owe you their best, so they will always try to bring their best to work.

As an employer, a workforce with good morale can create a good cycle for you, making your job easier and more satisfying.

Job benefits improve the workplace. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Are Providing Jobs with Benefits Expensive?

If you are a small business owner, providing jobs with huge benefit packages like health insurance, life insurance, and childcare benefits may seem above your budget. However, you can also consider offering some low-cost benefits like periodical free food and snacks, commuting assistance, sabbaticals now and then, work-from-home days, gym memberships, and so on.

There are many options you can put into consideration that do not cost a fortune. Although these may not seem like a lot, it passes the right message to your employees that you care about them.


Job benefits are almost as important as paychecks to employees. Many employees will take slightly lower pay to have a better benefits package. However, this does not mean that you should not pay your employees well. Pay them well; add something extra – benefits packages!

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