Lisk is a platform with its own cryptocurrency, called LSK. So far, this coin has remained reasonably under the radar. Yes, it is in the top 20 in terms of its total market cap but there is a lot less hype around it compared to other altcoins like Verge, Ripple and Reddcoin at this time of writing. Of all the digital currencies, Lisk is admittedly one of our favorite. In this article, We will explain who the founders are, what Lisk is exactly and why we are positive about the future of this network.


Oliver BeddowsMax Kordek

The founders are Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows. Max previously worked for another project called Crypti. There was disagreement within the company that caused it to fall apart. The people involved ended up in 2 teams and started new projects; Lisk and Ark. Max ended with the Lisk team. His co-founder Oliver has more than 15 years of experience as a full stack developer and is responsible for making dozens of applications worldwide. When Lisk was founded in early 2016, they managed to raise 14,000 bitcoins as an investment. is the official website.

What is Lisk?

It is comparable to Ethereum. This means that Lisk is its own platform on their own blockchain and with its own digital currency. It is possible to carry out transactions within the platform as well as developing dapps and smart contracts just like ethereum. ( Dapps are short for decentralized applications. ) The biggest difference is that Lisk works with a proof-of-stake system instead of proof-of-work. So far nothing revolutionary, you would say. Wait for a minute, read on.

What makes Lisk unique?

  • Javascript
    The crypto world is simply complicated, we cannot ignore that. Sure, the technology will become more accessible in the coming years, but that can take a long time. Due to the complexity, there are few developers who are starting to develop applications on the Ethereum platform. An important reason for this is that this platform runs on Solidity. Solidity is a coding language where less than 10,000 people worldwide can work with. However, Lisk is based on Javascript. As a result, the number of programmers who can work with Lisk is significantly much more than that of Ethereum, since there are 100,000 people worldwide that are capable of working with Javascript. One thing that is also worth noting is that Lisk has the vision, in addition to the code language, to make the entire process of developing dapps as easy and smooth as possible. A unique and flexible user experience in combination with an accessible code language should ensure mass adoption.

  • Sidechains 
    There is another important feature that makes Lisk special. At Ethereum, all dapps and smart contracts are built on the same main chain, making the network slower and slower. Lisk, however, uses sidechains. These are a kind of separate blockchains that are linked to the 'main chain' but do not immediately become part of it. Every company or app within the platform will be built on its own sidechain. This has 2 big advantages. When there is an error in a sidechain, it has no effect on the main chain, so that the platform continues to work well. In addition, it is easy to scale up, something that Ethereum, for example, still has problems with.  

  • SDK 
    The backbone of the network will be the SDK. SDK stands for Software Development Kit. With the help of the SDK, every (javascript) developer will be able to launch his own token and app on the network. The SDK consists of various components. All components will be released in the 3rd quarter of 2018.

  • Developers 
    What is also good to know is that there is a serious team behind the product itself. In terms of size of the team Lisk belongs to the top of the industry. Not to mention, a lot of more members will be added in the coming months. Why is this important? Because the size and knowledge of a team gives an impression of the potential and development of a project. The mission of Lisk is to make blockchain and dapps accessible to the masses. The SDK will therefore become extremely user-friendly.

  • Funds 
    Lisk has at least 140 million euros in the greenhouse. This money can be spent almost entirely on marketing and on accepting newly qualified personnel.  

  • Marketing
     In 2018 there will be much more focus on the marketing aspect. Although we believe in the product itself, we also know that marketing is crucial to attract large investors. Collaborations with the Expand Online in the Netherlands and the German Taikonauts have already been confirmed.


On 20 February Lisk will perform a kind of rebranding. The logo will be adapted and the website will also receive a significant make-over. The rebranding will be grandly presented, with a keynote presentation held in Berlin. It will be more than just a new logo and a new website nevertheless. This rebranding will also feature new front-end design, dashboard as well as wallet.  You can subscribe to their realunch event here should you be interested.


Although Lisk still flies relatively under the radar, the price has risen very rapidly in 2017. The value on 1 January was still 0.15 $ per lsk. December 2017, the price has risen to 21.88 $. An increase of more than 10,000%. We are convinced that this project is a long-term stay and will play a major role in the future blockchain society. A marketcap similar to that of Ethereum is therefore not inconceivable. What exactly can we expect for 2018? We think the 100 $ limit is within grasp. But again and again we want to emphasize that no investment is without risk. All investments carry certain degree of risk, especially those with potential high rewards. Therefore, kindly invest responsibly. 

Disclaimer: This is not a financial advice.

Buy Lisk (LSK)

If you are planning to purchase lisk  (LSK), you can do it via the changelly widget below. Either credit cards or cryptocurrency is accepted.  ( You might want to create a Lisk wallet here prior to purchasing )

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