In its first week, the Meta Legends NFT project has exploded to 100,000 Discord members. Why and how has a collection of JPEGs attracted so much fanfare? 

With OpenSea daily trading volume reaching as high as $138M in the past 30 days, and Coinbase NFT generating 1.4M signups within 48 hours of its announcement, increasing attention is being thrown at digital assets. This is even more true among art projects that go beyond static images and incorporate utility and metaverse ambitions. 

Meta Legends uses motion design, dystopian storytelling, and a world-class team to create immense amounts of hype while also building a genuinely-engaged community. But a lot of its popularity can be attributed to its unique artwork, which rivals creative franchises such as Disney, Marvel, DC, and Star Wars. 

The lore behind Meta Legends takes us to the year 2051, when humanity is in a downward spiral. Diseases, famine, and warfare threaten the Earth. And mankind’s only hope? Uploading their consciousness into Meta Legend forms that permanently live on the Ethereum blockchain. This sci-fi fantasy theme hits hard as our real worlds collide more with the metaverse. 

The main caveat is there will only ever be 12345 unique Meta Legends NFTs, with 7 unique species: Celestials, Burners, Roboters, Goldbois, Matrix Angels, Cybers, and Roughs, each with different attributes and rarities. And with so much fanfare, everyone seems to be vying for a spot on the whitelist for this year’s most anticipated NFT drop. Between competitions and giveaways on Discord to events on Twitter and their current global Meta Olympic Games easter egg hunt, members have a variety of ways to secure their chance at minting a Meta Legend NFT. 

The project’s success is also due to the stellar team behind it which includes serial entrepreneurs Robin Janssens, Salim Elhila, and Maxime Hacquard who’ve overseen tens of millions of dollars in revenue and hundreds of employees. As cryptocurrency veterans and social media influencers, they’ve combined their unique skill sets to develop Meta Legends into the fastest growing NFT community ever. And unlike many other NFT projects that emerge from just a lean team of digital natives, Meta Legends is the proud work of over 40 dedicated staff. In many cases, casual NFT projects open up their Discord server and once they reach a decent membership size, they launch their NFT collection for minting. However, the Meta Legends team is taking a more strategic and less rushed approach by deciding to launch at the end of November. This gives new members plenty of opportunities to join their Discord while it’s still early for a chance at getting pre-sale access. At the current rate of growth, we could potentially see the world’s first million-member Discord server.

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