The team behind 0xVampire, the popular NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain, is launching 0xHunter, the second phase of the 0xVampire project, on October 27, 2021. The presale will start at 3:00 pm UTC on the launch date, while the public sale will follow two days later, October 29, 2021, at 3:00 pm UTC. There will be 8,888 0xHunter NFTs available, each at a mint price of 0.06 ETH.

What are 0xHunters?

0xHunter is a collection of 8,888 unique NFTs residing on the Ethereum blockchain. They are created from over 200 hand-drawn traits. The NFTs are based on human hunter themes and continue the story of the first phase of the project, 0xVampire. Each 0xHunter NFT is unique, having different powers, hairstyle, and color. They also have special accessories such as attire, weapons, and shades. The hunters feature different backgrounds and fall into one of seven categories: Rioter, Hybrid, Witcher, Demonhunter, Valkyrie, Cyborg, and Ninja.

What are the Hunters up to? The lore

While the Metaverse has been calm and peaceful, the 0x super-virus has been quietly spreading, and the 0xVampires may soon wreak havoc on society. The virus makes people undergo mutations. There are changes in their physical features as they begin growing sharp fangs and bat ears, and they become bloodthirsty.

To combat the looming threat of the 0xVampires, warriors known as 0xHunters appear. These highly skilled and specialized fighters have made it their mission to eliminate the 0xVampires and provide safety and security to the Metaverse once again.

0xHunter is the perfect counterpart to the 0xVampire series, providing balance to the 0xVerse.

What can collectors expect?

Mint & Customize

The project gives you a chance to save the Metaverse world by minting and customizing the 0xHunter warriors. At the 0.06 ETH entry price, you get an opportunity to mint a randomly-generated 0xHunter. Once revealed, the design and all the attributes will be a surprise, with many new holders revealing rarer species. You can even customize the name and description of your 0xHunter NFTs, which is a feature the 0xVampire team pioneered with their first series.

Earn Rewards along the Journey

There are plenty of rewards for the users along the project’s roadmap. Anytime you buy 0xHunter on OpenSea, you enter a raffle event draw where you stand a chance of winning ETH and other prizes.

The project will also give users a chance to stake their 0xVampire and 0xHunter NFTs to earn $0x tokens which can be used in their merchandise store, in their upcoming P2E game, and for other NFTs the 0xVampire team releases.

Earn While Gaming

For many people, gaming is simply a hobby as professional gaming requires a lot of dedication and investment and Twitch streaming is only lucrative for a small number of users. But NFTs are providing gamers with new opportunities to earn, and the 0xVerse will soon offer its own exclusive Play 2 Earn game. Holders of 0xVampire and 0xHunter NFTs will have an upperhand while playing but it’ll still be completely free to play for non-holders too.

The Precursor Project, A Success!

0xVampire, the precursor project, was made up of 9,999 randomly generated vampire-themed NFTs. At their launch, all 9,999 NFTs sold out in under 2 minutes thanks to their unique gasless pledge system. Since their inception, the original 0xVampire collection has also generated 2.5K ETH in trading volume on OpenSea. 

Currently, the 0xVampire Discord is home to an army of over 73,000 dedicated members.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be left behind… The project is launching soon, and while it might be too late to get into the presale, the public sale will still be available at the end of the week. Since the precursor project 0xVampire was a success, the 0xHunter collection is poised to be a huge hit too.

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