When we think of tackling and solving a problem with tremendous complexity, Super computer is always the first solution that came to our mind. However in reality, not every individual is able to afford computer let alone a super computer. The aforementioned problem is what Project Golem is trying to solve. Project Golem is a worldwide distributed/decentralized super computer which is able to harness the computational power of machines and devices that reside on its network. To vastly simplify it, the Golem ecosystem allows individuals to loan out their unused computer spare resources to other people who need extra power to carry out complex tasks and computational problems. Project Golem shares an identical core philosophy with some of the most successful companies like Air BnB and Uber. All these companies devoted themselves in exploring opportunities within sharing economy , which allows individuals to make money from their unused resources such as land properties and vehicles. Besides renting out machine resources, the Golem Platform offers huge benefits to users who constantly indulge themselves in task which requires exceptional computational power such as machine learning in DNA exploration field , AI and natural language processing. By renting computing Power from the Golem network, users with limited computing power can now tackle problems they could never tackle before or even just speed up everyday task that their computer struggling to handle. The primary focus of the Golem team now is on CGI rendering ,  a field which is notorious for high expenses and tremendous amount of processing time.

Despite the fact that Golem is established on the Ethereum network, it is not an ERC-20 (Ethereum Request for Comment ) token which is different from a lot of other tokens which were built on the Ethereum platform. In fact, the creation of tokens on the Ethereum network are not bounded by ERC-20 standard. The presence of ERC-20 merely provides a standard to aid in the token creation process as protocols do not have to build from scratch. Although users cannot assumes that Golem token(GNT) is compatible with ERC-20 compatible wallet, being built on Ethereum network means that Golem Token shares the same security and stability as other Ethereum-network-based token.


A PDF of Golem(GNT) Whitepaper as well as a Youtube video about GNT Whitepaper are included down below.


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