It’s tough to put all your eggs in one basket. After all, what if something goes wrong?In the world of cryptocurrency, that is a distinct possibility. Hacks do happen and exchanges do lose customers’ funds. Then there are eWallets but those can be intimidating for people who don’t feel that they are very sophisticated technologically.That’s what makes a service that can do it all so valuable.


Cryptopay, like many exchanges, is a jack-of-all-trades service. That has a lot of advantages. But it also comes with a lot of disadvantages – mainly, you wonder what it does best (and you worry about what it does worst). As mentioned above, these aren’t just idle concerns.


But Cryptopay does have one feature that sets it apart from its competition, and that is the ability to use Bitcoin to fund everyday purchases on both the web and in stores. You read that right: Cryptopay allows you to buy, sell, and use Bitcoins to fund your life. Isn’t that what it is all about anyway? Right off the bat, that makes it different. Another awesome thing in Cryptopay’s column is that it is one of the founders of the segment, getting its start in 2013.


In this article, we’re going to give you a review of Cryptopay to help you decide whether or not the service is right for your needs. It’s cool, but it’s not for everybody. We’ll give you the pros, cons, and our final verdict. As with all things, the final decision is up to you. Weighing the pros and the cons as well as your individual situation, we think you’ll know whether Cryptopay is the right choice.


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