Are you

  • Having a hard time keeping track on the return of your cryptocurrency investments?
  • Having Issues with accurately tracking your portfolio valuation?
  • Overwhelmed with conversions to gauge the actual value of your coins?

You are not alone. If you are in the world of crypto for some time by now, these issues should not sound strange to you. As a matter of fact, you might already be using some of the portfolio management apps that I am going to talk about next. Yes, it can be a complete disaster to keep track on all your investments whether you are an active trader or simply just a HODLER. If you are holding multiple coins, chances are not all of them are from a single exchange. I do not trade that much myself, probably a few trades here and there when I spot the opportunities and I do not own a lot of different coins either, probably three to four tops at one time. However, even under such circumstances, I will be having a hard time to keep track of all the profits and losses if I don’t rely on a portfolio management apps. To be frank, I actually started with Excel sheets in the very beginnings, but let me tell you, it was a complete nightmare. The sheer number of entries that you will have to do will tear you down. This is when a good portfolio management app comes in handy. especially when you are an active trader and the ability to effectively monitor the movement of all your holdings is your utmost priority.

There are actually plenty of options out there but I went through majority of them and eventually boiled them down to 7. This list is by no means exhaustive and I might update the list as I discover better options. Feel free to suggest other apps which you think deserve to be on this list at the comment section below!



  1. 1 Blockfolio

    One of the most popular mobile apps out there for tracking your portfolio. It has very straightforward and intuitive interface which makes it quite easy to navigate. This is actually the first app that I have used to track my portfolio. A very useful app for people who wants to manage their portfolio on the go. Here are a few notable features of the app: 

    • Toggle between percentage/value change ( in BTC or USD) via a single tap 
    • Ability to add/deduct the balance of the parent currency when you are selling/buying a coin
    • Price alerts 
    • Detailed Charts 
    • Order Books
    • Price for a wide array of exchanges 
    • One tap to access all crypto news source
    • Available for Android & IOS

    Official Site
    Android App Download  |  IOS App Download

  2. 2 Kubera

    Kubera is a cryptocurrency portfolio management app that was custom built to address the problems modern crypto investors deal with: Tracking returns across coins, monitoring overall portfolio valuation, and managing conversions quickly to get a real-time read on crypto value. 

    With Kubera’s unique financial aggregation architecture, easy-to-use dashboard, tickers for tracking traditional stocks and crypto coins, and automatic currency conversions — modern, diverse investors can monitor and manage crypto, DeFi, fiat, and more assets from a single source of truth. 

    When used alongside the crypto exchange tool of your choice, Kubera can help diverse investors like yourself customize a cryptocurrency portfolio management workflow that solves all your problems.

    Here's an overview of some of Kubera’s features that I found the most helpful: 

    • Affordable plans
    • Works with most currencies, banks, brokerages, crypto exchanges, etc. 
    • Supports multiple portfolio creation
    • A focus on user privacy and data security  
    • White-label client portal available for modern financial professionals 
    • Made by modern investors just like you! 

    Official Site

  3. 3 Delta

    Delta is a fairly new app compared to Blockfolio but it does come with a few cool features that are currently unavailable on Blockfolio. Personally, I feel that it has a much more polished UI as compared to Blockfolio in general and according to my personal experience, new coins are made available in the delta way faster than Blockfolio.  However the only thing that keeps me from using it as my main portfolio management tool ( instead of Blockfolio) is it doesn't come with a section/function where major news sources can be accessed in-app ( Like what's on Blockfolio ). If they eventually decided to add that features, I will be more than happy to make the switch.

    Here's an overview of several cool features of Delta: 

    • Portfolio and Watchlist are on different pages ( Unlike Blockfolio that put all of them in a single page which I sometimes found quite confusing )
    • Price Alerts
    • Detail Charts 
    • Ability to add/deduct the balance of the parent currency when you are selling/buying a coin
    • You can have multiple portfolios (Premium Features)
    • Ability to sync and transfer data to multiple devices
    • Allow you to add custom coin ( which means you will be able to track an ICO investment that haven't hit an exchange yet ) 
    • Support Over 2000 altcoins

    Official Site
    Android App Download  |  IOS App Download | Windows Download

  4. 4 Cryptocompare Portfolio


    Cryptocompare is a well-established cryptocurrency community which offers a portfolio management webapp on their site. Currently, their mobile app is still under beta testing ( you can sign up as a beta tester here ). I believe their mobile app could be a serious contender to both Delta and Blockfolio when it finally launches.  They have a very user-friendly web interface and some other exclusive advanced features like risk analysis and accounting which I found quite interesting. However, it doesnt provide an option to import your trades from other popular exchanges like CoinTracking which could be a bummer for active traders. 

    Here's a few highlights of their unique features: 

    • Ability to create multiple portfolios
    • Great visualizations of data 
    • Free
    • Risk Analysis Feature
    • Accounting Tool
    • Detailed guides to help you navigate the app 
    • Ability to add a description to your trades 
    • Advanced Chart 
    • Option to specify where your coins are stored

    Official Site

  5. 5 CoinTracking

    CoinTracking is another portfolio management app which has been around for quite some time ( since 2013 ) . Throughout the years, the team has been consistently upgrading the app and adding new features. If you looking for an portfolio management app which could import your trading data/activity from multiple exchanges automatically, look no further, as far as I am concerned, CoinTracking is the best app currently available in the market for such purpose. CoinTracking is available as web app as well as mobile apps ( IOS & Android ). Although its interface might not as appealing as some of his competitors, the advanced features on the platform are quite hard to beat. 

    Here's a few highlights of their special features: 

    • Realized and Unrealized Gain/Loss feature.
    • Automatic data fetching/import from all major exchanges via its API
    • Option to add free/gifted cryptocurrency 
    • Free plan that allows up to 200 trades ( Pro Plan : 3500 trades | Unlimited Plan : Unlimited Trades. You can check the pricing here
    • Tax Reports 
    • Advanced Analytics and Reporting 
    • Available in Andriod & IOS

    Official Site
    Android App Download  |  IOS App Download

  6. 6 Altpocket


    Out of all the portfolio sites that I have reviewed and tested, is probably one of the most visual appealing ones in my opinion. It might be my personal preference but there is no denying that it has very clean and well-designed interface. It is quite impressive that how far they have come given that they just launched the platform in May 2017. I love their gamification and socialization concept where the user will be able to interact with each other and earn badges. I think they are onto some quite neat ideas and I am sincerely looking forward to the upcoming version of the app which more functionalities will be integrated. 

    Here's a few features of altpocket that differentiates itself from its competitors:

    • Advanced import functionality from supported exchanges
    • A unique investment view that display your individual investment
    • Elegant layout
    • Day & Night Theme
    • Unique Socialization and Gamification Features 
    • Option to add free/mined cryptocurrency
    • Android and IOS Application ( Coming Soon ) 

    Official Site

  7. 7 CoinFYI


    Compared to the options that were discussed above, CoinFYI is relatively less known but I found it quite interesting when I first discovered it. It has a very minimalistic and clean interface. It doesn't come with apps but it does have a very mobile-friendly layout. You will be automatically served with news relevant to your holdings in your "portfolio news" section. You can also configure your "watchlist news feed" by adding coins that you would like to keep an eye on. I found this its news aggregator feature to be extremely useful for traders as it is able to help you to source currently trending news and content from a multitude of different channels in real-time. Unfortunately it doesn't have an advanced import functionality like CoinTracking and Altpocket as well as a bulk upload feature. It might not be the best apps for portfolio management but for market research purpose, you can't really go wrong with CoinFYI. 

    Official Site

  8. 8 CoinCap is another app which I think worth a mention. It has a web portal as well as mobile apps in both Android & IOS. It has a unique passcode and touch ID feature on its mobile apps which aims to prevent unauthorized access to your portfolio ( which is lacking on other mobile apps that we have reviewed ) and a dashboard where you can see the real-time price changes of your holdings.

    Here's a few highlights of the app: 

    • Customizable push notification via alert manager
    • Passcode and touch ID feature for extra security
    • Real time price changes indicated by colors
    • My Altfolios allows you to have up to 3 different portfolios 
    • Native ShapeShift Integration that let you buy / sell your coins

    Official Site
    Android App Download  |  IOS App Download


Here's my pick on the Top 7 Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management /Tracking Apps (2018). Do you have any other suggestions? Let me know in the comment section below! Try these apps today, level up your game and take your investment to the next level! See you in the next article and have a nice day. 😉

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Hi! Thanks for the great article. There are so many good portfolio management tools out there offering various or similar function from one another. In your opinion, which are the top 3 tools that you would suggest? Thank you.


I personally use – its a simple and smoothly designed UX

Ahnuf Rahman
Ahnuf Rahman

+1 on Delta . They have recently updated the app with more features and improved UI which makes them even more appealing. But to be honest, I haven’t tried others in the list, might give them a shot but I am currently quite happy with Delta.

CryptoPT Development

I have been disappointed with the mobile portfolio tracking apps available, so I wrote my own (iOS only for now). It has quite a few features with many more to come very soon.
Give it a try and let me know what you think!
Includes iOS, Today Widget, Apple Watch and *Apple TV Support with live streaming updates*!
CPT (Crypto Portfolio Tracker)


Hey there, It ‘s an interesting article. I especially like your questions at the beginning about difficulty tracking returns on crypto investments, accurate portfolio valuation and conversions. I’d like to suggest KryptoGraphe, it’s a free cryptocurrency portfolio tracker which resolves all the issues mentioned by you and has more to offer. You can get more information about it at

Do check it out and share your feedback!