The NFT collection of LeBron James was airdropped by to Eagle-Eyed Super Bowl and its viewers.

According to the firm, the royalty payments from the secondary sales will go to the LeBron James Family Foundation.

An airdrop “Moment of Truth” (NFT) collection has been launched by exchange featuring Los Angeles Lakers player LeBron James to Super Bowl commercial viewers that were 5550 in number and were randomly selected. Those who discovered and scanned a concealed QR code that appeared 10 seconds into a dialogue between present-day James and his jittery teenage self were entered to win a limited edition NFT. Instant pictures of behind-the-scenes moments from the making of the Big Game commercial comprise the collection.

A QR code that showed on-screen for a fraction of a second was scanned by “Sleuths” and were sent to a “secret” homepage where they could join up for the NFT platform until the following Friday. A total of 5,550 NFTs will be airdropped for free to lucky fans; the drop will consist of 15 NFTs in 3 stages with varied editions.

Both the organizations,, LeBron James’ Foundation the LeBron James Family, teamed up to work on educational and professional opportunities centered on Web3. According to a release, the alliance will provide children and families in LeBron James’ community of Akron, Ohio, with tools and opportunities to learn about blockchain technology and prospective job routes in crypto.

“I want to ensure that communities like the one I come from are not left behind,” said James, adding that he and are “aligned on the need to educate and support my community with the information and tools they need for inclusion.” does not sell the airdropped NFTs. The LeBron James Family Foundation will receive 5% of any NFT resales, whether it’s on the NFT platform or on another secondary exchange.

LeBron James, a professional American Basketball player, joins a lengthy list of celebrity collaborators for, including Matt Damon, whose advertisement has already been panned. The Angel City Football Club, a women’s football team headquartered in Los Angeles, recently joined the exchange.

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