Singapore, 07 March 2019 – The world’s first part conference, part experiential blockchain festival will be held in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre Hall A on April 18 and 19, 2019, and entry is free for those who register online before April 15, 2019.

Co-organised by Grounded (a blockchain advisory and marketing agency) and First Wave Agency(aneventsandconferenceorganiser),the2-day10:00amto6:00pmfestivalincludes panel discussions, live entertainment, keynote speeches, creative installations,experiential zones and retailbooths.

The organisers created this first-of-a-kind event to clap back at the increasingly profit-driven and tired conference world, to featuring only authentic, constructive and necessary discussions aboutrealworkthatisbeingdoneintheblockchainspace.Thefree-to-attendfestivaldeparts from the usual conference programme, not only answering the toughest questions thatexists in the industry now, reshaping mass perspectives on blockchain, bringing the underlying technology back into the spotlight, but also making blockchain accessible and applicable to thedailylivesofpeople.

“BlockLiveAsiaisthefirsteverfree-to-attendfestivalthatisasinceredeliveryofblockchain technology.Wearetiredofblockchainconferencesbeingamassivesellingfest,andhowthe sametopicsgetrecycledoverandoveragainallinthenameofprofits.Thisisourattemptat doing the space justice. Expect a myriad of activities going on around our highlight act, real andstrippeddownhonesttalksgivenbyover60guestspeakers,”saidNgeowJiawen,CEOof Grounded.

Attendeeswillgetthechancetogreetsomeofbiggestchange-makersoftheblockchain industry,aswellaskeytraditionalplayerswhowillbesharingtheirqualityopinionsonon topicssuchaspersonaldatasecurityande-commerce;futureofwork&employment, blockchain scalability andmore.

Renowned players in the blockchain industry such as, Alto, BlockON Group and DigiXhavecomeonboardaspartnersandexhibitorsatthefestival.Attendeescanalsoexpect to meet notable keynote speakers and panelists across the blockchain, fintech, non-profit, regulations and media industry, including Roger Ver, CEO of Bitcoin,com, Chia Hock Lai, PresidentofSingaporeFintechAssociation,StephenBrowne,Co-founderofCryptoIBandmore.

Even those who are not ready to learn about blockchain can enjoy an augmented reality art exhibition curated by Russian group Art of Blockchain, take Instagram-worthy photos at several installation zones, play interactive games or shop at the retail zone.

Other highlights include:

Facing the F/Ups

Presented by BlockON Group, F/UPS invites finch and blockchain entrepreneurs to share personalstoriesofprofessionalfailures.Thestoriesofthebusinessthatcrashedandburned, the partnership deal that went sour, the product that had to be recalled, and what eventually succeeded; they tellall.

Crypto Experience Zone

Visitors get a personalised walkthrough and simulation of the entire crypto experience based on their knowledge level. From creating a wallet, buying their first token to trading on an exchange, the interactive zone brings blockchain amateurs on their very own crypto journey

RAISE Pitching Competition

RAISE is a pitching competition where teams will each be given 5+5 minutes to pitch their technologytoapanelofinvestors.Themostviableprojectsstandtowinprizemoneyaswellas incubationandmentorshipchanceswithaSiliconValley-basedIncubatorFoundersSpace.

Simbyosis Exhibition by Art of Blockchain

Revel in the visual stimulation of augmented reality art pieces which symbolises both the globalunitybroughtaboutbycryptoandthedarksideofcrypto-greedegocentrismandfraud. TakeapeekatthefamousCryptoMother,signedbyVitalikButerinandestimatedat$6million, interactiveprojections,andanexclusiveperformancebytheleadingartistofCryptoMother.

“BlockLiveAsiawillbeanunforgettableexperience,creatinganewmodelforwhatablockchain conference ought to achieve. We wanted to discuss topics that really matter, constructive criticisms that can change the space for the better. Our incredibly accomplished speakers will domorethanshare,theywillmotivateandshowusanewpathforwardinthisbearmarket.And I’m thrilled to offer our attendees access to them all for free”, said Don Tsai, Project Director of First WaveAgency.

Register at before April15, 2019 to get free entrance.Tickets are priced at S$10 after.Full details are available at

About Block Live Asia

Part conference, part experiential festival, Block Live Asia is a one-of-a-kind industry event combining keynote speeches, creative installations and photo-worthy galleries to attract the massesandpromotemasseducationofblockchain.TheeventwillbeheldonApril18and19, 2019atMarinaBaySandsConventionCentreHallA,Singaporefrom10amto6pm.Thefestival featuresover70exhibitorsacrossthe45,000squarefeetexhibitionhall.

For Media Enquiries Samuel Chen

[email protected]

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