Internet and the End of Privacy

Tim Burners Lee, considered Godfather of the modern-day Internet, envisioned it to be a portal of communication and information used and owned by the entire human race. It was supposed to be a distributed entity that establishes a web of interconnected people exchanging information with each other – A Democracy of Information flow. 

After the turn of the century, we now know this isn’t how the Internet turned out. The Internet today is a glorified data mine, constantly looted by organizations and self-actors looking to use the data for their personal and/or political gratification. Privacy, though considered a basic human right, has become a figment of our imagination. 

Compounding the Privacy Problem with Cryptocurrencies

In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonym, initiated the idea of a protocol based on the distributed nature of the internet, free from intermediation and with an incentive structure that encouraged group participation. In a broad sense, the bitcoin blockchain was the first successful attempt at using the Internet to democratize information flow. Combining proof-of-work, hashing, transparency and decentralization, bitcoin finally allowed self-sovereignty on the Internet. One had the chance of actually owning one’s information.

What the internet gained by decentralization of data, it can be argued, it lost to transparency. 

The transparency of Blockchain allows anyone to continually track the flow of value from wallet to wallet. The identity of users can also be determined every time someone uses cryptocurrency to exchange something in the real or virtual world. Using cryptocurrencies to buy from online portals, paying everyday utilities such as bills, taxes, etc., are all trivial ways of determining identity through the wallet addresses. If a particular wallet is “non-trackable”, it is only a matter of time until it is, because eventually, it will interact with a “registered” wallet. 

BitcoinMix – Giving Privacy Back to You

“Bitcoin Mixer is something that helps you to shuffle your bitcoins using our algorithms and to secure your identity.”

BitcoinMix.org is a platform built specifically for the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain that functions as a privacy keeper. It is quite well known that even though bitcoin transactions aren’t specifically linked to any person or entity on the blockchain, it can be tracked through various means. Using the transparency of the blockchain, an entity with enough vested interest can easily track the flow of the transactions: where it came from, who was it sent to, what is the current balance and so on. As soon as the transaction chain is touched by an address whose identity is known through a gatekeeper (exchanges, shopping sites, etc.), the identity is exposed. This sort of pseudo-anonymity is unacceptable for people who want the highest possible levels of privacy. 

That’s where BitcoinMix comes to the rescue.

BitcoinMix allows users to bypass the privacy and anonymity risk by asking the platform to shuffle and pass around the transaction before reaching the final destination. 

On BitcoinMix, one can use either Ethereum or Bitcoin, specify a delivery address, mention the delay for delivery (minimum of 30 minutes for Bitcoin and 10 minutes for Ethereum) and be ready to bear a fee of 2-5%. Finally, after transferring the funds to the address suggested by the platform, one can sit back and relax while the funds are being sent to the wallet through complex routing and shuffling algorithms perfected by BitcoinMix. 

Why You Should Use BitcoinMix

  • One of the top pros of using BitcoinMix is that they help to prevent people from becoming targets for hackers
  • If you are someone who frequently puts transactions with large sums of money on cryptocurrency blockchains, then the platform could be a saviour towards protecting your security and making you and your end party more anonymous
  • BitcoinMix can limit the data collected from you by outside parties for future analysis
  • By mixing funds, both parties can be benefitted as the sender could obfuscate the receiver, and the receiver cannot necessarily pinpoint the sender

In a generation where everyone is spied upon all the time, it is exceptionally difficult to successfully cover one’s tracks and maintain privacy. When nothing else is done, it is evident that soon enough we could turn into a global totalitarian regime, fed and nurtured by commercial entities through the data they accumulate. BitcoinMix, promising to give back the privacy and anonymity we are so explicitly denied, will help us regain our control and continue towards the stride of greater self-sovereignty. With BitcoinMix, the hope is still alive. 

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