With the increasing popularity of ICOs in the market, there is an influx of new tokens being launched almost every single day. Thus, to get your brand out there and to stand out from this fierce competition, identifying the right platform to acquire maximum exposure for your brand and projects is crucial.

There are plenty of sites in the cryptocurrency and blockchain niche that offers placement of press release, which essentially enable the advertisers/companies to take advantage of their already established and targeted audience to spread the word about new announcements of their companies/ICOs. They take a fee in exchange for their services and the amount of fees that they charge spread across quite a wide spectrum depending on the popularity and traffic of the sites.

We have compiled a list of sites that you can submit your press release on below. Should you have any other sites that you would like to suggest, feel free to let us know.


List of Sites TO Submit Your Cryptocurrency / Blockchain / ICO Press Release

  1. 1 Cryptoverze

    cryptoverze press release

    • Description: Cryptoverze is a relatively young site that is growing at a significant rate. It has grown over 10,000% in terms of its traffic in 2018. With a six-figures monthly pageviews by highly targeted and savvy audience, your project will be getting the attention and exposure it needs and deserves.
    • Price and Payment Methods: 
      The cost of a typical press release placement is around $85. The cost of a sponsored post crafted by its editors is around $145. All press releases will be featured in the sidebar across all posts and the main page of the site. Payment in USD, ETH and BTC is accepted.
    • Links:
      Kindly contact [email protected] for further details, promotions and submission.
  2. 2 CCN

    ccn press release

    The company offers press release placement on homepage, along with an option for a sponsored post, which costs an additional amount. They also provide an option to include your press release in their newsletter which will be published to their 100K+ subscribers.

    Price and Payment Methods: 
    The base price for publishing your press release is US $349. For the sponsored post, the cost is US $1,499 and for the inclusion of the press release in the newsletter, the cost is an additional US $299. The payments can either be made via PayPal or through BTC.


  3. 3 Invest In Blockchain

    invest-in-blockchain press release

    • Description: 
      The website has a great organic reach and is growing considerably fast, Your press release upon subsmission will be syndicated on their partner websites, i.e. Blockchain Stats, and A Bit of News. There are more than 9,000 active subscribers of the website and more than 9,500 people who have opted for the active push notification option.
    • Price and Payment Methods: 
      US $500, which can be paid in Fiat Currency, BTC, or ETH.
    • Link: 
  4. 4 Bitcoin.com

    bitcoin.com press release

    • Description: 
      This is one of the most popular choices for companies who are searching for a global audiences. The portal is quite strong in terms of its traffic, not being subject to the weekend dips in traffic like most other websites. The process for approval is quite stringent and there is usually a waiting period of 2-3 days before the press release can be published on their website. The website has a strong social media presence, with more than 80,000 members in the Telegram group and 300K followers on Twitter.
    • Price and Payment Methods: 
      This is one of the pricier websites in the list, which costs US $2,499 for a press release, ( they accept only BTC )
    • Link:

  5. 5 Crypto News

    crypto-news india press release

    • Description: 
      This is an India-based news website that covers news regarding all things cryptocurrency
    • Price and Payment Methods: 
      US $150 for the regular post submitted by you and US $300 for the sponsored story written by their journalists. The company accepts the payments in USD via PayPal, or in the form of BTC and ETH.
    • Link: 
  6. 6 Crypto Radar

    cryptoradar press release

    • Description: 
      Apart from being displayed on the homepage of the website, the Press Release that you submit to them will also be shared among the various social media profiles run by the company. The company promises a homepage-featuring duration of at least 24 hours. Their audience is spread across various countries like USA and Canada, and continents like Europe and Asia. They also provide writing services at additional costs.
    • Price and Payment Methods: 
      The prices are quite low, at 0.1 ETH for the publication of the press release on their website. If you’d like to hire their writing services, the additional cost is 0.3 ETH.
    • Link: 
  7. 7 CryptoCurrencyNews

    crypto currency news press release

    Readership includes dedicated enthusiasts of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency markets. There is a provision to publish the press release across their network of related websites. The ICOs that are promoted, however, will not be displayed in the United States of America, China, South Korea, and Kazakhstan due to certain country regulations on bitcoin.

    Price and Payment Methods: 
    The price is quite reasonable, costing US $197 for the publication of a single press release. 


  8. 8 Blokt

    blokt press release

    • Description: 
      The press releases published on the website are categorized under a separate category which is displayed right at the homepage. They also occupy a space in the dedicated sidebar for maximum viewership.
    • Price and Payment Methods: 
      The price of publishing changes from time to time, typically around US $200 ( Sponsored Articles: $350, Interview/Review: $900 ) They aslo offer a variety of advertising options as well which you can further explore here
    • Links:
  9. 9 Cointelegraph

    cointelegraph press release

    • Description: 
      The editorial team reviews the press release before it is published, which usually takes up to 24 hours after the payment has been processed. The latest press release that is published appears on the top of the Home Page in the Press Release section of the website. The website provides a service of publishing the press release in various regional versions as well.
    • Price and Payment Methods: 
      The cost of getting published on the website is 0.7 BTC. The cost of getting published in various regional versions is 1.4 BTC. 
    • Links:
  10. 10 Cryptoslate

    cryptoslate press release

    • Description: 
      Cryptoslate is a popular destination for cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts. It features coin rankings, cryptocurrency news, a product database , event database as well as an ICO database.
    • Price and Payment Methods: 
      A basic press release on Cryptoslate costs 500 USD, payments can be made in USD, BTC, BCH, LTC and ETH.
    • Links:

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