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Where and which is the best place to buy zcash?

billiegraves Answered question September 2, 2020

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billiegraves Answered question September 2, 2020

Here’re some of the best places and sites that you can buy Zcash from


One of the most popular exchanges to buy zcash, Changelly acts as a service provider between the cryptocurrency trading platforms and the users. The platform provides quite a wide range of the digital assets that allows the users to trade between the bitcoin , zcash and other altcoins seamlessly.

The one thing that sets Changelly apart from other exchanges is that it provides transparency in the whole exchanging process for everyone who wishes to invest in cryptocurrency. The users can place their bids within a matter of milliseconds and the corresponding rates are displayed to them in real time.

Changelly also has an affiliate program that allows the users to receive referral bonuses each time someone buys altcoins with the referral links.


This is one of the most popular exchanges on Earth where users can trade their daily transactions and also buy bitcoins with fiat currency. It has one of the largest collections of the altcoins apart from the bitcoin which makes it a popular choice among the traders.

Another feature that makes Binance one of the best exchanges to buy and sell bitcoins, zcash and altcoins is the provision of the BNB coin. The traders who perform the transactions and pay the fee through BNB coins enjoy the benefit of paying half the transaction fee.

The market capitalization of the BNB coin in January 2018 was $1.3 billion, making it one of the largest exchange-based coins.


Advertised as The People’s Exchange, KuCoin is one of the largest exchanges to buy, sell, and trade in bitcoins, zcash and altcoins. The ability to download the KuCoin application on the Play Store as well as the App Store makes it easy to buy, sell, and trade in bitcoins and altcoins on the go.

The users of the exchange are present all over the world, increasing the trading volume everyday. This means that the trades that you put up for buying or selling are processed almost instantly depending upon the number of traders who are trading in that particular coin.


Bibox is an online exchange that allows the traders to buy, sell, and trade in bitcoins, zcash and altcoins. They can indulge in token trading as well as margin trading, giving them a choice in the type of trading that they want.

The cryptocurrency exchange is enhanced by Artificial Intelligence and the traders can pair up the various altcoins with quite a lot of coins. Bibox also has its own in-house coin that allows users to pay a reduced transaction fee when conducting trades.

There is a provision for more than 90 coins on the exchange and there are more than 200 trading pairs that the traders can choose from.


Based out of United Kingdom, CoinEgg focuses only on the exchange of the various altcoins present on it. There is no option to buy the cryptocurrencies with fiat currency. However, if you have a portfolio that contains many altcoins and wish to exchange it with bitcoin, CoinEgg is the perfect place for you.

There are more than 40 different altcoins that are present on the exchange, giving the traders a wide range of options to choose from. Another thing that makes it a lucrative choice is the low transaction fee on the exchange. The best partis that ever since its origin in 2013, there has been not a single report of the exchange being hacked.


One of the few exchanges to exist as early as in 2016, HitBTC became popular as there were not many other exchanges available at that time. The exchange offers many pairing options with BTC, ETH, and USDT, and cryptocurrency that enthusiasts can experiment with.

However, there is no real trading volume on the exchange which means that if the trader wants easy liquidity, they may have to look for another exchange. Another issue that many of the traders have faced is that the trades can be made only in multiples of 10 or 100.


Invest in Zcash Today

If you are planning to invest in any sort of cryptocurrency, the best time to do so is now. The market has shown definite signs of improvement, so you need to get in as soon as possible. It is never too late to start thinking about investing in the cryptocurrency coins but you have to consider the stability of the coins that you are going to invest in.

Becoming a trader of the cryptocurrencies will surely elevate the numbers in your bank account if you do follow a few steps to make everything  right.

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