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Opensea Clone Script is the most opted NFT marketplace script by entrepreneurs and businessmen to begin the business journey in the crypto space. Opensea has made a major impact in the NFT business since its launch because it has come up with advanced solutions and implemented it in the global market which has benefitted its users and it has brought many new users to its platform. Opensea brought the concept of the multi-chain and implemented it in its platform and the same with the concept of debit/credit cards. This had brought huge active users to the platform and has attracted entrepreneurs to build their NFT business with this business model. So, if you are thinking to get your NFT business in the crypto space you may go with the best Opensea clone script from the experts of Maticz.

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OpenSea is one in all the foremost common and largest NFT Marketplace, the NFT Marketplace was started in 2018, Before the year 2019, OpenSea has generated solely $2 million. Later the year in 2020, they generated $94.8 million. within the next year, they generate $27.5 billion in sales volume in 2021, with a median of daily fee revenue amounting to $4.2 million.

Features To Consider For An OpenSea Clone Development 


The enchanting storefront is a much-needed feature of an NFT marketplace like OpenSea. In this, users could see the basic information about the listings, As Well as  the price, owners, etc.

Smart search option

The NFTs are listed on the marketplace as platform Clients  can slide through these in order to find the one they would like to buy. The smart search option eases the search process as clients could search based on the prices, listing status, collections, and many more.

Create listings

The clients can create and upload their digital collectibles with the requisite details such as plugin name, tag, description, and similar ones. The upload of the non-fungible tokens would be similar to uploading the post in the social networking medium.

Buy & Bid

It is vital to consider Each the buy & bid option as the sellers in the platform could each of two perform NFT trading through any of these options. When going for the bid option, Traders  have to put details like bid exhalation date, bid value, etc.


The white-label OpenSea Clone with the combination of an e-wallet will enable the users to save as well as send & receive non-fungible tokens in a secure way.

Trading history

The trading history will assist the platform users to check the history of the NFT trading. Alongside, they can keep track of the payment transactions in an logical manner.

This is why the entrepreneurs are eager  to start an NFT Marketplace like OpenSea. If you’re a person who is focused on launching an NFT Marketplace like OpenSea Clone Script ,Indeed, it is a million-dollar Queries  for all startups and entrepreneurs. In Recent Days , the market has only a few protrusive NFT Marketplace clone script providers. Finding an authentic one might seem exact, but it is not. I can help you with this. As I did some analysis on finding the best NFT marketplace clone script providers, Zodiak Caught my eye.

If you are interested in getting a Open sea clone script from Zodeak, feel free to get connected with their blockchain experts via,

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