MBBS is one of the most sought-after courses in India. Every year, thousands of students apply for MBBS study in India, with many opting to study MBBS abroad.

The primary reason why Indians prefer to study MBBS abroad is due to the lack of quality education and infrastructure in Russia. The Indian medical education system is plagued with issues such as a lack of quality faculty, inadequate infrastructure, overcrowded classrooms, and limited access to modern equipment. Moreover, the lack of quality control and the lack of transparency in the admission process make it difficult for students to gain admission into good medical schools in India.

On the other hand, studying MBBS abroad offers a much better learning experience. Many countries, such as MBBS in Russia, offer world-class medical education, with excellent faculty, modern equipment, and a rigorous admission process. Moreover, the cost of studying MBBS abroad is much lower than in India, as tuition fees, living expenses, and other costs are much more affordable.

Furthermore, studying MBBS abroad allows students to gain international exposure, which is invaluable for their future. Studying in a foreign country helps students to develop intercultural communication skills, problem-solving skills, and global awareness, which can be beneficial for their professional life.

Finally, studying MBBS abroad provides students with the opportunity to explore different cultures, which can be a great learning experience. This can also help students to gain more knowledge and understanding of different cultures, which can be beneficial for their professional careers.

In conclusion, studying MBBS abroad is becoming increasingly popular among Indian students due to the lack of quality education and infrastructure in India, the lower cost of studying abroad, and the opportunity to gain international exposure.


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