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Which cryptocurrency is measured in photons?

vikram Answered question August 13, 2018

Created and released to public in 2014, Photon(PHO) is basically an open source cryptocurrency developed by Cinnamon Carter and BlueDragon747.
To mine it, it can be either “Merge Mined” with the multi-crypto BlakeStream “6-coin family” which consists of:

  • Photon,
  • Blakecoin,
  • BlakeBitcoin,
  • Electron,
  • Universal Molecule and
  • Lithium

PHO acts as a catalyst that combines the new and untapped benefits of cryptocurrency with the underutilized industry of gaming. It works by enabling micro-payments between the game and users or users and users is the primary objective of Photon.
Photon’s uses are many however the vision and mission for the coin is to be an in-game currency and hence be broken into:

  1. Its acts as a micro-payment mode within the BlakeStream environment, along with other five BlakeStream coins.
  2. ​Its use as a native in-game currency in the upcoming Battlegrip, Ledgend of Blake RPG, and Blakezone . A massive-multiplayer gaming platform-created by the PHO developers.
  3. Its use as an added mod in multiple online video games as an in-game currency where permissible and legal.
  4. Its use as an in-game currency in industry wide mobile gaming.
  5. Its acts as a digital content purchasing method through advertising or otherwise for the Free to Play types of games.
vikram Edited answer August 13, 2018