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Been hearing a lot of rumours but does anyone know the exact time that ripple would be finally up on coinbase?

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It is all rumors up until now as far as I am concerned. People was speculating especially when Brad (Ripple CEO) and Asiff (Coinbase President) were featured together in CNBC’s Fast Money Tuesday segment. It was nothing more than just a panel discussion on cryptocurrency though. People was just reading between the lines. However, this doesn’t preclude Ripple from listing on Coinbase in the near future. Ripple is so far the only one with top 5 cryptocurrency market cap who hasn’t been listed on Coinbase. No one knows exactly when it will be listed ( except the folks in Coinbase ), announcement will be made on their official channel if Coinbase is planning to list any new coins but no relevant announcement is made up until now.

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Noted. Thank you!

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