Decentralized finance is a trending and innovative platform development in recent years. The current DeFi (Decentralized finance) market capital is $45 billion. Crypto tokens are developed in the Decentralized finance system. Entrepreneurs sign up for the DeFi platform to generate income from various streams like stacking, farming, and swapping. 

If you are a crypto trader, you can start the DeFi business. DeFi business improves your lifestyle.

In this article, we can explore the “ DeFi exchange development and  Well know DeFi platforms
DeFi Exchange Development
Decentralized finance is an emerging technology, it builds in the blockchain network. DeFi platforms are developed in the peer-to-peer concept. Whenever there is a net connection, you will lend, swap, borrow and trade the cryptocurrencies using software, then verifiers distributed the data in a database.
Well Know DeFi Platforms
Compound Finance 
The compound Finance platform is the first ever developed DeFi-based platform. It is a Finance platform built in Ethereum. It allows users to lend and borrow crypto assets without third parties intervention.
Uniswap platform is the most preferred DeFi platform development. Uniswap is also a cryptocurrency and a unique symbol(UNI). The platform allows to user trade and swap cryptocurrencies. Automated market maker (AMM) is the most important feature in the uniswap. Users once set the market value, AMM features automatically swap the cryptocurrencies in the platform. Once users link their wallets to the platform, then users can start the trade on the uniswap platform.
The Avalanche platform is developed on its own blockchain networks. Avalanche has a native token AVAX. Avalanche platforms have three stands, scalability, decentralization, and security. The platform run on its own blockchain, so transactions are faster, cheaper, and environmentally friendly compared to Ethereum. If an avalanche develops the Dapps, it performs well compared to the other platform.
In Summary 
In 2023, these DeFi platforms ruling the DeFi world. So you might start the DeFi development, and you will become a millionaire in the coming years.

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