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My life is inextricably linked to my creative work. I wrote articles, helped novice authors raise the level of quality of texts, layout newspapers and participated in the creation of news releases on radio and television. Passing through a thorny path, gathering thorns of misses and entering puddles of mediocre ideas, I began to understand more or less the anatomy of creative processes.

It’s not talent that counts, it’s persistence

At least at the beginning of my journey. Whether it’s recording video clips of luxury hotels or writing instructions on how to cut animals, you need perseverance everywhere first in order to accelerate and understand the limits of your creative powers. Talent is something you can improve in, not something you are better at. What difference does it make if you draw well? There will be someone who will surpass you if you trample on the spot.

You learn all the time

Improve your skills, and not only them. The more knowledge and experience you gain in different fields, the wider the angle of your worldview and the more original your work will be.

Create content, even if you’re tired.

Burning out will happen sooner or later. It is important not to stop the creative process. So I stopped and a week later I realized how hard it is to come up with something again. There was a paradox: I seemed to have rested, but the attempt to enter the mode of creative best essay writing service flow took much more effort than before. Now that I feel the signs of fatigue, I go into “energy-saving” mode, working on something that requires a minimum of effort. There are still breakdowns on vacation, but there’s no better way.

Sometimes you have to create nasty content

Get over it and do it. I’d write a stronger word, but the post is also published in Yandex. Zen, Mata doesn’t belong there. It doesn’t matter why you agreed to it – because of money, sense of duty or something else – always finish the job. As time passes, your emotions will fade and you’ll realize that you did the right thing.

From small to big

As long as there’s no support for small projects, the big ones will break you. That’s where comrades with ambitious plans are burning, raising money by crowdfunding. For example, you can’t write a good book without experience in storytelling. And it’s not just about experience, but also the coherence of your works, because the public loves consistency. If the book logically continues stories and stories, all sides will win.

Money is good. Creativity is secondary.

Do not twist your nose, refusing to work, because the more money, the fuller your stomach and think better. In my opinion, comrades who deny the commercialization of creativity are actually so bad that they didn’t get profitable offers, that’s all. It’s better to work as a loader day and night to paint paintings than to be a free artist sucking the paw.

You shouldn’t go with the audience

People themselves do not know what they want, so the author’s requests can only be perceived as recommendations, not guidelines for action.

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