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tezos how many coins/tokens?

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I think you might be referring to the total supply of the token. Here’s some information about the Tezos ico that you might find useful.
The fundraiser lasted from Bitcoin block 473623 to Bitcoin block 475622 (inclusive) and eventually gathered 65,681 bitcoins and also 361,122 ethers. Majority of the contributions happened in the initial couple of days. around 62.5% of the contributions were in bitcoin while the other 37.5% were in ether. The chart below summarizes the rate of contribution over the entire fundraising duration.

Provided with the existing numbers, an overall of 607,489,040.89 ꜩ will be created in the genesis block for individuals participating in the fundraiser, a further 3,156,502.85 ꜩ will be generated for early backers as well as contractors, and 76,330,692.97 ꜩ each will be generated for the Tezos Foundation as well as DLS, however they will be vested monthly over a period of 4 years. This indicates a total supply of 763,306,929.69 ꜩ tokens with 20% locked in vesting contracts.

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