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Is it really worth it for litecoin faucet, I mean are they really profitable in the long run?

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Not really. Over the last couple of weeks, I have actually been exploring multiple crypto-currency faucets, including a few litecoin faucets. After over around 4 whole weeks of daily visits , I am still not even approaching $1 in earnings! Definitelty not worth the countless hours of continuos clicking faucet claim buttons and also shutting pop-up/ pop-under home windows loaded with tonnes of ads.

After the first couple of days, I discovered that all the faucets seems to have    a pretty high minimal payout threshold. This implies that you have to go to the faucets daily for weeks and even months prior to you can finally get a pay out. When I understood this I stopped engaging in any type of faucet activities.

Regardless the fact that this industry adds to over 50% of the website traffic on leading cryptocurrency internet sites, from the point of view of a visitor/user, it is not rewarding even if when you are using a faucet rotator (A faucet rotator saves time by allowing user to promptly check out different faucets without opening up a new tab for each and every web sites and earn a commission via a series of rotation links for each faucet visited, via merely a click of a button.) The greatest feasible profits that an individual can make using this strategy might not be more than approximately $1.5 a day. Unless the value of Litecoin increase 100x-1000x once more in the future, I don’t personally think that Litecoin faucets will truly worth your time. There are plenty more activitives /  jobs that can provide you with more earnings for your time spent in a litecoin faucet.

In short, don’t waste your time. They are not worth it. At all.

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