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Is bitcoin address case sensitive? If I interchange the case, would it still work?

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Yes unlike ethereum addresses ( which is displayed in HEX, read more here), the traditional bitcoin addresses are case sensitive. So your address is not going to work if you change them ( Or they might work, just that the fund is not going to be sent to your wallet XD ). The probabibilty of a mistyped bitcoin address being accepted is actuallly negligible, around 1 in 4.3 billion according to Wikipedia.
However you should still always copy and paste your address using clipboard whenever possible. One interesting fact about bitcoin address is that they do not have the letter l or I in them if you look closely, only the number 1. Besides, you can also see o in them however not 0 or O.
However, the new style of Bech32 segwit address is case insensitive ( as known as the “bc1 addresses” ). This new format is specified by BIP 0173. This address format has been adopted in some recent implementation, but is not really advisable for use until more software decided to supports this format.

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