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It depends on how many tokens you need for your project. Mostly, for ICO project, the number of tokens is somewhere between 30 millions to 60 million tokens. In order to make this many you may have to cough up a significant amount of money. It may cost you around $10,000 for these many tokens which come with integrated smart contracts.And there are various Ethereum token standards that you have to work on, apart from ERC20 Token, you may also require ERC223, ERC667, etc. Out of all the token standards, ERC20 is the one that is mostly widely used. However, you can get different functions with the other protocols which are useful for different purposes. You can make the best use of this technology when you work with a perfect platform. And that should be the aim of every developer.

You have to aim for the generation of maximum tokens and then you can come up with some nice ideas. With Ethereum tokens, you can achieve many things together. They enhance the functionality and make the output much better at every phase. More references could be generated with this standard and it could give you terrific results. You can achieve much more than just the efficiency and speed.

Technoloader is one such company that can ensure you the best services when it comes it ERC20 token development.

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