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Do you consider Bitcoin as the best long term hold? If so, why is that?

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A solid yes from ME! See you at the moon!

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If you are looking at “long term” hold, I would personally prefer ethereum over bitcoin due to its wide adoption and applications + great potential. However, I still believe that Bitcoin will have its place. A lot of the new coins are actually doing better jobs that Bitcoin in almost every aspect. You might want to research and look into some promising ones that you think hold great prospect. If you manage to identify the right ones and hold it for long term, you are going to make much more than just holding Bitcoin.

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I wouldn’t say for sure that it is the best long term hold, but it is definitely a more stable investment in relative. The outlook for Bitcoin wasn’t that appealing when its scalability issues become apparent during the time when Bitcoin was all over the headline. However, with the introduction of Lightning Network and given the current market dominance of Bitcoin, I think that it is definitely here to stay. The more people joining the cryptocurrency revolution,  the more Bitcoin value will appreciate ( given it retains its current dominance ). I am not too sure if it will be the ” best ” long term hold, but I bet it will bring you some decent return in the near future.

Disclaminer: This is not a financial advice 😊

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