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Are blockchain developers in demand?

Chris Jonson Answered question January 11, 2023

Given that blockchain related jobs are among the fastest growing in today’s labor market, it is safe to assume that the demand for blockchain experts are also growing at a significant rate. The average income of a Blockchain developer (in US) have also increased by roughly 50% compared to that of the average software developer.
There are now many job openings for every one Blockchain developer. I am very sure that these statistics are already enough to give you assurance about the future of the industry and job market.
But just in case you do need more data, here’s another. Nick Szabo (who is suspected of being Satoshi Nakamoto the founder of bitcoin) rightly points out the “extreme $/knowledge” ratio in the Blockchain sector, where capital by far outpaces talent hence signifying a demand in this field.
What do you need to be a blockchain developer, you might ask. The most popular programming language which is used to write smart contracts (a fundamental component of blockchain) is Solidity. Solidity is one of the object-oriented high-level programming language which uses syntaxes that are similar in nature to ECMAScript’s, which are the fundamentals of JavaScript. Programmes written in Solidity are designed to be adopted to the Ethereum Virtual Machine or EVM. It is a compiler for the “Ethereum World Computer”.

Lakshan Sanjana Edited answer August 14, 2018
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