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Are Bitcoin Miners legal?

Dan Gilbert Answered question August 4, 2018

In the majority of instances, bitcoin mining is absolutely legal. In a few states in the US, however, bitcoin mining, in addition to the ownership and application of bitcoin is prohibited. Oftentimes, bitcoin isn’t treated as a money by authorities, but rather as a property or an asset. Typically, federal authorities that haven’t weathered bitcoin, haven’t passed laws concerning bitcoin mining. Globally, with just a couple exceptions, bitcoin mining is usually regarded as legal. As long as you are using your own resources to perform mining, being a bitcoin miner shouldn’t be illegal in most part of the world.
Countries Where Bitcoin Not Legal

  1. Algeria
  2. Ecuador
  3. Nepal
  4. Macedonia
  5. Bolivia
  6. Bangladesh
  7. Venezuela

Countries With Explicit Stance Towards Bitcoin Mining 

  1. Slovenia – Mining of Bitcoin is generally recognized by the government and taxed.
  2. Ukraine – Mining is considered a legal business venture.
  3. Indonesia – Mining is yet to be covered by the regulation
  4. Iceland – Bitcoin Mining is allowed and considered a legitimate business
  5. Belarus – Individuals Or Companies are allowed to engage in bitcoin mining activity
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