Crypto is, without a doubt, the most volatile asset you can hold. We’ve had insane growth spurts followed by what felt like world-shattering bearish periods, and the cycle seems to continue onward, creating both wealth and anxiety among investors. Some people make life-changing fortunes while others find themselves at an irrecoverable loss. While the market cycles are hard to stomach, what’s worse is instances where investors lose money to infamous rug pulls (Anubis DAO is the latest $60m scandal) or when you lose track of some tokens in your portfolio and miss prime selling windows.

To help make crypto easier to manage and to provide a safe ecosystem, MoonX is developing a platform that provides a consolidated dashboard for all your holdings, offers updates and news, and creates safe-guards within its upcoming launchpad. 

Originally, MoonX launched as a hyper-deflationary utility token on the Binance Smart Chain and is now working through various milestones on its ambitious roadmap to change how we all manage our crypto portfolios, while also simplifying user adoption for non-crypto natives as well. Its upcoming all-in-one platform ensures you never lose track of our holdings.

Managing assets traditionally is difficult as it requires a cumbersome knowledge of platforms and cross-chain monitoring. Users who keep ERC-20 tokens need to monitor their assets across Dextools charts under multiple tabs. Conversely, BEP-20 holdings require constant monitoring on Tokens developed on other networks apart from BEP-20 and ERC-20 have to set up price alerts across CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.

Looking in depth across the complete process, this is quite confusing and creates a lot of adoption challenges for new investors. With MoonX’s upcoming platform, users can simply connect their crypto wallets and view all important details related to their crypto assets, including price action, updates, and latest news, which can help them make smarter portfolio management decisions.

Beyond portfolio management, MoonX is also building a launchpad to provide a safe investing environment for users. To avoid rug pulls and bad actors, MoonX’s launchpad will require developers to KYC and to provide crypto deposits that go towards a recovery fund pool in case there are issues with certain tokens MoonX hosts.

MoonX has presented a lot of intriguing options and opportunities for its users. The investors are not the only individuals that will benefit from the ecosystem either. MoonX believes in providing secure and vetted opportunities for its developers too. MoonX will offer escrow services when it provides matchmaking between service providers / vendors and developers. This ensures that services are fully delivered and developers are also safe from scams. 

The crypto market has been very volatile and uncertain ever since Bitcoin’s inception in 2009. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have been a part of the mainstream headlines for more than a decade. Often though, you’ll find plenty of news around scams and nefarious schemes which make it harder for average consumers to adopt. MoonX believes in developing a safe ecosystem where the developers can build their platforms without any FUD (false claims and news made about any project), save the investors from running into rug pulls and losing their hard-earned crypto, and help projects partner with different service providers to grow further.

When the MoonX token first launched, it had a starting market cap of $250k. At its all-time-high, it reached $1.9M, a nearly eightfold increase. With more progress on the way and an ambitious roadmap which also includes an upcoming NFT launch and partnerships with interactive metaverse projects, there’s a huge future ahead for MoonX. To learn more about MoonX, you can visit their Telegram channel.

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