Cryptocurrency frenzy over the last couple of years has brought into the space several user cohorts who have been exposed to investing and trading for the first time in their lives.  

 Because of simplicity of process of investing in cryptocurrencies as compared to traditional stock investing and exponential gains associated, the inflow of new participants has been huge, especially in 2017.

 However, a common investor or trader lacks in terms of knowledge and trading skills required to make optimal gains in the market. 

Dank Signals - filling an exponentially growing unmet market?

Dank Signals fills a very important gap in the cryptocurrency market. It addresses this unmet latent need of crypto mass investors and traders very effectively. With its automated trading engines and focus on cryptocurrency trading education dissemination, it seeks to create a well developed ecosystem around which cryptocurrency enthusiasts could participate and create a positive-sum game for all contributors.

Dank Signals - bringing efficiency and reducing redundancy

Cryptocurrency exchanges operating today don't provide automated trading services because of which a lot of valuable time get wasted of an average cryptocurrency investor and the opportunity cost is huge. If the same trading decisions could be executed automatically, it would free up the trader/investor to focus on other tasks, maybe read white paper of important upcoming projects like Dank Signal and anything else for that matter. The point is, there is a lot of time redundancy on a global scale and this can be done away with easily through automation.

 Also, it needs to be noted that cryptocurrency market is highly volatile as compared to traditional stock market. Because of this volatility, a normal investor might commit more mistakes in terms of trying to follow the market, when in fact automated algorithms backed by technical analysis tested over decades would be more useful to take decisions.

Dank Signals - rightly building platform business by rewarding its early advocates

Dank Signals is not shying away from pampering its early ambassadors. Right now, Dank Signals is running arguably one of the best Referral Programs out there. Not only is there an equal reward of 150 DANK tokens for both referrer and referee on a successful referral, but the referrer also gets 10% of all contributions to the sale via his/her referral link. Hence, the potential for earning is huge. For details, visit: https://danksignals.club

Dank Signals - a decentralised peer-to-peer social network for cryptocurrency enthusiasts

Dank Signals is a great fit to become the go-to social network for cryptocurrency traders and investors. The potential market is huge with every internet user expected to get exposed to cryptocurrency investing at some point of time in future. So, a social network around cryptocurrency trading and investing is definitely needed and DANK Signals is rightly positioned to tap this market with its superior state-of-the-art utility token based ecosystem and the core team having years of experience in this domain.

Dank Signals - Helping you make the right investment decisions

The platform also focuses a lot on imparting trading education. It seeks to onboard a large community of users with varied experiences coming together to share their knowledge and activate multiplier effects for the benefit of all users of Dank Signals ecosystem. It could easily turn into a knowledge hub of cryptocurrency traders and investors. 

 DANK Signals also provides 24/7 access to cryptocurrency automated services and experts, which is very important as unlike traditional stock market, cryptocurrency market operates 24 hours a day and the right time to trade can come anytime during the whole day.  

Dank Signals - Automated Trading Services

There are multiple services available on the platform - i) You can choose to invest directly in dank signals and receive weekly dividends, ii) You can subscribe to any/all of 9 automated technical indicator based trading tools as a service, iii) You can get services from other expert trading experts and analysts present on the platform, iv) You can gain real world trading experience without the risks associated with it through Dank Signal's Simulation Service.

 Dank Signals tools take the help of detailed analysis of market trends and apply prediction models to assess the trading potential to maximise gains for the users using their services.

 The platform is also connected with 4 popular exchanges through trading APIs so that best trading decisions could be automatically executed without any scope for human error.

 All these could be availed using DANK token.

DANK token - blood of the ecosystem

DANK token will be a utility token bringing liquidity in the ecosystem. Also, this is a great way of solving the chicken and egg problem faced by platform businesses. Early users of the platform will have an incentive to bring in new members to the platform which will create further demand to hold the token and lead to appreciation in its value. 

 DANK token is an ERC20 fungible Ethereum-based token. The ICO is coming up on 20th April and it is expected to generate huge demand because it tackles a very important unmet need of most cryptocurrency investors and the same set of people would be willing to get into this high potential project. Cryptocurrencies accepted will be ETH, BTC, LTC and ETC.

 Another good thing about this project is that over 80% of all tokens will be distributed through sale which means a high proportion of platform value will be unlocked through users. Usually, some project owners keep over 50% of the tokens for themselves which doesn't create a healthy platform ecosystem.

 DANK Token is available for private sale at just $0.01 per token , and the price will increase to $0.04-0.07 per token during Public Sale. 


As discussed above, there are several factors in favor of Dank Signals. Most importantly, there is definitely a huge unmet market potential to be addressed and Dank Signals is rightly positioned to take care of this through its strong focus on automated trading services and also creating a knowledge hub around cryptocurrency investing and trading. So, it would be fair to say that Dank Signals is one of the most important, if not the most important, ICO-based cryptocurrency project to launch soon.


You can read about Dank Signals in detail by going through their white paper available on the website: https://danksignals.club

 Dank Signals team is also working on mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows users.

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