Blockchain Cuties, an award-winning crypto collectible game has currently added a third working platform which is based on the decentralized protocol TRON. The game is previously already available on 2 blockchain platforms, namely Ethereum (ETH) and EOS. The game also announced that the TRON version would have updates and contents unique to its other versions, including Cuties, items and locations.

The game, first released in April 2018 on Ethereum, allow users to collect, breed and exchange irreplaceable tokens in the form of different animals like lizards, cats, puppies, bears and other exotic mythical creatures. These tokens called ‘Cuties’ have different ‘characteristics’ such as hair style, eye colour and facial har which attributes to the value and performance of the cryptocurrency. The TRON version will reportedly include Tron Cuties such as Red Hedgehog, Fairy Dragon, Bear-o-Bull, LilTronbeary, Tronbeary and others.

Vladimir Tomko, CEO of Blockchain Cuties, commented that they have been looking for the chance to partner with TRON ever since June 2018, and that the two firms have similar vision. When TRON was launched in August 2017, it was announced to be a decentralized blockchain-based protocol to create a global free content entertainment system equipped with blockchain technology and distributed storage capability. The project aimed to provide a platform for users to publish, store and own data freely and promote the idea that content is supposed to be owned by its creators instead of capitalists. The CEO said that players of the game also gain full ownership to their own Cuties and cannot be easily taken away from them.

Additionally, the game developers hope that the addition of the TRON community could give players more opportunity to deploy their Cuties onto the battlefield. Aside from that, the integration of the game into the platform is said to be able to add more content to the game as higher transaction speed is achieved. The TRON team is convinced that the extension through the sidechain could help the platform gain 1,000 TPS (transaction per second), which is incredible compared to Ethereum’s 15 TPS and Bitcoin’s 7 TPS.

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