As a cryptocurrency trader, there is no doubt that staying informed is one of the most crucial aspect of being a successful trader. There are tons of different sources where you can get your information on cryptocurrency such as crypto news site, reddit or even YouTube. Today, we have decided to do a review on one of the leading cryptocurrency news aggregators on the internet right now, namely the coinspectator.

Introducing the CoinSpectator

Starting off as a crypto blog back in 2013, CoinSpectator is now one of the most popular crypto news aggregator and ICO directories available in the market. CoinSpectator gathers news from more than 150 sites to ensure trader, investors and crypto enthusiast always get the news they need in real-time.  

The Interface

Coinspectator Interface

Upon entering the site, the first thing that captures all our attention is the sleek minimalist dark interface which is not only easy to look at but also extremely informative as well. The center of the sites features a news and project column which display all the most recent news and updates on everything that is happening on the cryptosphere. In order to maximize efficiency, the users can also utilise the search function on top of the news and project column to quickly locate specific types of news that the users are hunting for. On top of that, the filter function complements the search function extremely well, allowing the users to experience a more powerful and accurate search. Here is a picture showing a search on "Press release" involving Ethereum. 

At the bottom of the site, there is also a horizontal row displaying 15 different cryptocurrencies along with their real-time prices. By default, these cryptocurrencies are sorted by their market capitalization. There is also an ICOs tab located at the left of the site which can direct the users to the ICOs section. The ICOs section is highly customizable as users are able to sort the ICOs list to their desire by using different parameters such as date of launch and ICOs deadline.

We also took some time to look at the performance of CoinSpectator’s site on mobile devices and frankly we are quite surprised on how well the site looks on a mobile phone. The interface is very clean and the navigations on the site are pretty snappy. It is safe to say that it is quite an enjoyable experience to catch up with some crypto news on the mobile site of CoinSpectator which is definitely a plus for those heavy mobile users.

Coinspectator Mobile View

Other interesting features

One of the most interesting features available on this news aggregator platform is the community sentiment feature that allows the users to express their opinions on the news by voting the headlines as “Bullish”, “Bearish”, “Shilling”, or “Fud”. With sentiments from the crypto community, individual investors can now have a glimpse on how other people think on a particular news, thus potentially allowing them to derive a more comprehensive view on the sentiment of a specific news. It is important to mention that CoinSpectator does not allow voting on ICOs as a preventative measure on manipulative behavior by ICOs promoter through the voting system. 

Coinspectator Sentiment Feature

Final Verdict

As a free platform, CoinSpectator is undoubtedly one of the most excellent and essential tools for individuals who want to always keep themselves informed with what's happening around the cryptosphere in real-time. CoinSpectator also does not include any ads despite being a free platform and this is definitely a bonus which makes the site looks extremely clean and fresh. All in all, CoinSpectator is an outstanding news aggregator platform for users who seek to thrive in the cryptocurrency world. Give it a try today.

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