Coin Stats is a cryptocurrency research and portfolio tracker app which operates on mobile ( Android & IOS ) as well as Mac. As a cryptocurrency investor who spends most of my time traveling rather than sitting behind the desk all day, I found Coinstats really useful in keeping me informed on the go. After all, being well informed is the best strategy to survive and thrive in this ever-changing crypto sphere and spoiler alert, Coin stats does get the job done really well.

The Interface

User can download the app from Google play, App store and Mac App Store. Featuring a simplistic black theme with a hint of orange, reading and browsing on the app is a very comfortable experience. The use of the color orange in some of the contents really brings out the contrast and elevate the reading experience. The user interface is very consistent as well as informative, making this app fairly intuitive to use even for new users. Besides, navigating the app is also a breeze as everything is smooth and snappy. 

coinstat appThe front page of Coin Stat app on an Android device

coinstat appThe detail page of Bitcoin BTC



Apart from the aesthetic user interface, Coin Stats also comes equipped with some extremely useful features that make it stands out among other competitors. Coin Stats is able to track the live prices of over 1800 cryptocurrencies from over 80 major cryptocurrencies exchanges. With the extensive filtering and sorting function, users can perform a much more effective search on a specific coin and track its price much efficiently and faster. There is also a customizable alert features which allow the users to set alerts based on price limits, volume as well as market capitalization. 

Alert feature using price limit as the parameterDespite primarily functioning as a cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app, Coin Stats also features a news aggregator for blockchain and cryptocurrency news. By using Coin Stats, users can now back up their investment decisions with latest news from 40 credible news outlet. The news section is also equipped with a search function to allow users to quickly filter the news content. One unique feature about the news section is that it allows the registered users to express their sentiment on the news by voting it as “bullish” or “bearish”. This feature is particularly useful for those who wanted to share their opinions as well as knowing the overall sentiment from other investors’

News section showing the most “Bearish” newsThe automatic portfolio syncing feature of the app is one of my favorite features of this app. Coin Stats is able to work seamlessly with more than 30 exchanges and wallets. The automated syncing process works exceptionally well on the app without much hassles. However, it is important to note that premium account is needed for syncing portfolio with more than 5000 dollars.  Coin Stats Telegram Bots is another neat tool offered by CoinStats which allows the users to get latest prices and charts effortlessly right from telegram.

Final Verdict

All in all, Coin Stats is a very user-friendly app which is loaded with tons of useful functionalities. However, the app operates on a freemium model, which means the users might have to pay to unlock full features. However, the subscription fee is only a mere 5 dollars per month. It is definitely a tool worth investing in if you are serious about trading cryptocurrency and staying on top of your game.

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