BuySellHODL is excited to announce the beta-launch of the BuySellHODL Cryptocurrency App, providing Crypto Beginners and Bitcoin Enthusiasts with the unique cryptocurrency investing content combined with the fun and engaging crypto experience they have been seeking.

With an intuitive interface and sleek design, the BuySellHODL Crypto App offers users proprietary real-time cryptocurrency ratings, coin price targets, cryptocurrency news, and an exciting daily Bitcoin game featuring cash prizes.  The BuySellHODL App is 100% free to use and available to download as an iPhone App & Android App.

BuySellHODL (@BuySellHODLApp) is the brainchild of Entrepreneur and Author of the Best Seller Explosive Growth, Clifford Lerner, who previously co-founded the first successful online dating app and first publicly traded social media company, which grew to 100 million users.  Lerner, a crypto-enthusiast himself, says, “As a tech entrepreneur whose prior life was on Wall Street, building a robust and compelling crypto platform to help the growing population of cryptocurrency enthusiasts was a natural match for me.”

Lerner continues, “The BuySellHODL Platform represents a major step forward towards helping the next 100 million users adopt crypto, as we aim to better educate beginners and crypto enthusiasts through our unique, compelling, and fun content. The common theme during our early-testing, where over 10,000 Bitcoin Games were played from the BuySellHODL Crypto Community, was their mutual craving for more engaging content and cryptocurrency analysis, which we plan to deliver this with the pending launch of our proprietary crypto ratings and price targets.”

BuySellHODL Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin App Key Features:

  • Live Crypto Prices, News & Market Cap Data

  • Live Daily Bitcoin Games With Cash Prizes (Currently at 9AM & 9PM EST)

  • Crypto Trading Game To Practice Your Skills

  • Proprietary Crypto Ratings and Coin Price Targets

  • BuySellHODL Unique Cryptocurrency Content


Bitcoin GameBuySellHODL Bitcoin Game

Coin Ratings

Daily Bitcoin Game With Cash Prizes

The BuySellHODL Daily Bitcoin game is 100% free to play and provides users an opportunity to show off their cryptocurrency trading skills and win real money.  Users simply predict if Bitcoin will rise or fall in each round and earn a cash prize if they predict all rounds of the game correctly. Players can improve their chances of winning by earning extra lives by inviting friends to join them in the game and share the app experience. The Bitcoin Game is currently available at 9AM & 9PM EST.

Proprietary Crypto Ratings, Price Targets & Top Picks

BuySellHODL will be launching its proprietary crypto ratings, price targets, and analysis shortly which will highlight key trends and crypto sentiment.  

You can download the BuySellHODL app to follow our crypto updates which will also be posted in our Crypto Press Room.

CONTACT: contact (at)

About:   BuySellHODL (@BuySellHODLapp) is the Ultimate Cryptocurrency App for beginners and crypto-enthusiasts alike seeking compelling crypto content.  Our unique crypto offerings include live crypto ratings, coin price targets, live coin prices, unique crypto news, and a fun daily Bitcoin game with real money prizes. Download BuySellHODL on iPhone and Android.  Read Our Disclaimer

BuySellHODL was founded by entrepreneur and crypto-enthusiast Clifford Lerner, author of the Best-Seller Business Book For Startups, Explosive Growth – A Few Things I Learned Growing To 100 Million Users. Cliff created BuySellHODL with the goal of getting the next 100 million users to adopt cryptocurrencies, by educating beginners and crypto enthusiasts through BuySellHODL’s unique, compelling, and fun cryptocurrency content.  Learn more about BuySellHODL.   


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