LinkedIn Corporation, a platform mainly for both job posting and seeking, released a report on Emerging Jobs in the U.S. in the year 2018 on 13th of December.  Blockchain developers were shown to be the emerging job that had the most rapid growth.

Data from the social network’s Economic Graph was used to study the posts companies are in search for and skills connected to those posts and professions that became significant in the past five years. The analysis was then used to create the report released on the emerging jobs.

Along with blockchain developers, artificial intelligence (AI) specialists were also included in the list. In fact, six out of fifteen jobs that were listed are somehow related to AI. Machine learning engineers also showed a growth of 12 times during the past year. Other professions that were named by the report include those related to skills involving deep learning, tensorflow, Apache Spark and natural language processing.

However, the role of a blockchain developer has reportedly registered an increase of 33 times on the platform, which is very impressive compared to other jobs. The report indicated that developers who were able to offer blockchain-related knowledge and skills such as Solidity programming, Ethereum, cryptocurrency and Node.js, which is an open-source, cross platform Javascript run-time environment, were highly demanded, especially in cities like San Francisco, New York and Atlanta where major companies like IBM (International Businees Machines), Consensys and Chainyard are located at.

Vacancies related to blockchain and cryptocurrency have been increasing at a rapid rate from 2016. LinkedIn reported in 2016 that there were only 645 vacancies related to the keywords ‘blockchain’, ‘cryptocurrency’ and ‘Bitcoin’, but the numbers have raised up to a be a massive amount of 13,816 when it comes to ‘blockchain’ and 2,479 for ‘cryptocurrency’ by mid-2018.

With the decline in the cryptocurrency market that does not seem to be able to stop, it is difficult to predict will the trend in blockchain-related vacancies continue in the future. It is worth mentioning that Consensys recently announced that the Ethereum-focused firm is going to lay off 13% of its workers due to ‘business streamlining efforts’. With a major cryptocurrency-based firm like Consensys laying off staffs, there is no saying that other blockchain firms would not cease to hire more developers. Guy Berger, chief economist at LinkedIn, described the unpredictability of blockchain perfectly, saying that only time can tell if blockchain will be a permanent addition to the market and the community.


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