Cryptocurrencies have taken over the financial world by storm. The decentralization and control given to the general public have attracted many towards this new technology. 

On the Tezos network, decisions are made based on community consensus. Each and every Tezos holder will be able to vote for a particular development. Thus, there will not be any need for a hard fork of the main chain at all. In this on-chain governance mechanism, developers propose changes to the protocol. After the protocols have been listed, they are voted on by the Tezos holders. The protocol change with the maximum vote gets implemented on the network.

A cryptocurrency keeping users at the center of all decisions is something very hard to imagine. Yet, Tezos exists. However, one problem with Tezos is that there is no official wallet to store it in.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best 5 Tezos wallet option offered by third party to store your coins in.

Note: Some of the wallets are still in beta/alpha testing phase and doesn’t come with a lot of reviews. Please try out with smaller amount of fund  or consult the community before depositing larger amount in them.

  1. 1 Guarda

    Support for a ton of different cryptocurrencies and altcoins combined with secure access from a variety of devices makes Guarda one of the best Tezos wallets for people who have a desktop (Guarda is available on Web, Chrome Extension, macOS, Windows and Linux) and mobile devices (IOS, Android). One of the biggest advantages of Guarda is that it does not store any personal information on its servers and the private key information is generated from the user’s own device, giving a layer of privacy and security that many people value above all else. Guarda also provides exchange service that allows you to convert your funds from one coin to another without tedious registrations, limits as well as verification approvals.On top of that, the Gurda wallet is now packed with some additional features like: 

    • supports staking and delegation of Tezos
    • supports multisignature functionality for BTC
    • allow staking of multiple currencies in Guarda, including Callisto, Tezos  Komodo and Cosmos; also users can stake EOS (stake CPU and NET), and Guarda let users claim GAS (from NEO network)
    • built-in purchase service that lets users buy crypto inside the wallet

    Get Guarda Wallet

  2. 2 TezBox

    This was the first GUI wallet designed for Tezos. It was released during the ICO period of Tezos. It was developed by one of the community members. TexBox has a very user-friendly interface, and the wallet stores all the addresses (public and private address) locally on the user’s device. This wallet is available across all platforms. You can use the app either on your phone or use their online web wallet using a web browser.

  3. 3

    This is a lightweight wallet available to store Tezos coins. This wallet is currently available on both Google play store as well as the Microsoft App store. Users of Apple's iPhone need to wait for some time before it gets listed on the App Store. However, you can skip the waiting time by downloading their test flight version of the app for iOS. Even though the wallet is lightweight, it does not compromise on any features or security. It offers multi-layer encryption to protect your private keys from hacks. The only problem might be the fact that the wallet is not available as a web app. However, if that isn't an issue, then it is a highly capable Tezos wallet.

  4. 4 Tezlet


    This is another Tezos wallet with potential. It is centered around keeping the user's anonymity and security. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. However, the app is still in the testing phase for the iOS platform. This wallet also lacks the web wallet feature.

  5. 5 Kukai


    This is yet another open-source wallet for Tezos. It is the only wallet based completely on the web for the Tezos network. You can create a new wallet as well as import your existing wallet on this platform. The new wallet creation process is extremely easy and the randomness due to the mouse movements ensures that the wallet's seed/master key can never be predicted. 

    The wallet offers a direct mediator into the Tezos network. Users can use it for both sending and receive Tezos tokens. The most unique feature of this wallet is that it supports offline signing. Users can go offline, sign a transaction using their private key. They can later broadcast the transaction whenever the user is connected to the internet again. The app is still in Beta mode. The support that it has received in such a short time just goes on to show the true potential of this wallet.

  6. 6 Wetez

    Wetez is an early Tezos company committed to the development of the Tezos ecosystem as well as a secure digital wallet for XTZ tokenholders for storage and delegation of their coins. Wetez might be one of the earliest and biggest Tezos-focused company located in China.  Wetez offers a Tezos Wallet that allows you to send, receive XTZ easily. It also features an integration of Tezos delegation service right in its IOS and Android App. 


The above list is not exhaustive and by no means conclusive, there are plenty of great tezos wallet out there currently still in development. The selection of currently available wallet is frankly still quite limited for tezos, we look forward to the emergence of more and better wallet options in the near future and we might be back to update this list when that happens . Do you have other tezos wallets that you might want to suggest? Leave us a comment in the section below. We would love to hear more about it!

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