Cryptocurrency, for better or worse, is one of the most volatile markets we have ever seen. Due to its relative nascent nature, the market shows huge fluctuations, with some coins claiming more than 70% volatility in a single day. For most investors, this kind of volatility goes way beyond their risk profile, but some in the community just like the challenge. 

For investors who like to take advantage of the volatility and like to make informed decisions periodically, it is important to first stay updated, and secondly to instantly apply their strategies without wasting time as a small delay might hinder their profits. Leverage trading, a mechanism to trade with much more than the Capital held, has become a lucrative option for investors looking to make most out of the volatility. 

To help the readers trying to balance the task of finding a good cryptocurrency exchange that satisfies their needs, doesn’t fall back on its promises, and is simple enough to use, let us look at one that is leading the game. 

Bityard – Where Leverage meets Simplicity

Any trader looks for a few basic characteristics in an exchange. A good UI, trading tools, low intermediary fees, and continuous upgrades. Bityard, with its incredible team of dedicated employees, works continuously to ensure all the basic parameters are met. 

But first, let us take a look back and understand Bityard

Bityard was founded in 2019 at Asia’s technology capital, Singapore. As a world-leading crypto contracts exchange, Bityard’s business philosophy follows the “complex contracts simple trade”. This vision aims to simplify the trading experience for customers while using adequate trading tools for them to make most of the volatile market. 

Bityard is a world leader in Cryptocurrency Leverage trading. The Exchange has been known to push boundaries by subtly introducing better and innovative features, at the same time, not overwhelming its investors. The Simple UI, built specifically for the trader with a niche understanding of the market, allows them to leverage the tools provided to the fullest. The UI built for the daily users ensures that there isn’t too much information thrown on the user to discourage trading. This Simplicity-focused strategy allows them to integrate the Investor’s experience with the exchange. This relationship forms a symbiosis of software and mind to obtain the highest utility.

Why Choose Bityard?

A lot could be said about a product by analyzing its customers. If a product boasts a huge customer base, but in reality, there are no actual long-term users, just people shifting from one to another, it could mean that the makers concentrate on return rather than utility.

But if a product has a niche market, yet boasts a dedicated set of long-term users who cherish the attention they receive, it means that the makers love attending to its users than concentrating on short-term returns. 

Bityard is one such place where the experience of the customers is the center of all business activity. 

Features To Look Out

  • Simplicity: Bityard’s central policy in all decision-making processes is to make the experience of trading and investing as simple as possible. Bityard understands that the everyday investor is not as technically savvy as he wants to be. All the features of the Bityard exchange are catered to the Novice investor. 
  • Multi-Token Leverage Trading: Leading the market in diversity, Bityard boasts about 16 trading pairs, ranging from BTC, ETH, TRX, XRP and much more. No other platform comes even close. The leverage on the tokens ranges from 5x to 100x depending on the risk preference of the investor.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Another major plus point is that Bityard is extremely regulation friendly. To cater to as many investors as possible, Bityard has offered itself for regulation by the Governments of Singapore, the USA, Estonia, and Australia. 

  • Industry Standard Trading Tools: Traders on Bityard exchange are exposed to the best industry-standard tools for charting, leveraging, and making informed opinions. 


Based on everything that has been outlined so far, Bityard is undoubtedly poised as one of the leading Cryptocurrency Leverage platforms. The platform offers great fees and top-of-the-line digital currency support. As it reportedly has access to abundant resources and partners, chances are that Bityard will continue to evolve and offer great digital currency exchange services to its clients. 

It is our privilege to recommend Bityard to all of our readers for all of its diverse capabilities and user-friendliness. 


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