“ A Poem Is a Naked Person” , “The Act of Killing”, “American Movie”, “Burden of Dreams– these are some of the greatest documentary classic of all time. Documentaries are a movie genre that always reflects the true colors of things and happenings. And guess what! Cryptocurrencies have become the next big thing that documentarists documents in movies. 

Crypto-documentaries even have their own film festival-The Bitfilm Festival. It could be due to cryptocurrencies mysterious nature that has drawn the attention of the film industry. It is unclear the exact reason for the documentations but anyway back to the juicy stuff. Here are the top 5documentaries every crypto enthusiast should add to their watch list.

  1. 1 Banking on Bitcoin

    The 90-minute documentary is directed and co-written by Christopher Cannucciari. “Banking of Bitcoin” brings viewers to the beginning of cryptocurrency when no one has ever heard about Satoshi Nakamoto. The movie introduces viewers with cryptocurrency pioneers and the early cryptocurrency market. The movie also covers the historical Silk Road Drama, MtGox fallout and the banking system evaluation to technology. 

    The main focus of the documentary is regulations around cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin mainstream adoption. “Banking of Bitcoin” explains the basic concepts and ideas behind cryptocurrencies. Although there are a lot of practical resources like Bitcoin Flipthat allows beginners to understand the TOP 18 cryptocurrencies in practice, the documentary is great visual experience for beginners. The movie was released in 2016 and is available on Netflix.

  2. 2 Bitcoin in Uganda

    Awesome, inspiring short story about a young man named Ronald in Uganda who receives money transfers to support his education from his sister who lives in USA in Bitcoins. The main focus on documentary is the difficult situation that the people in Uganda face. Every year, Ugandan migrants send home to their families approximately 700 million USD from which 30-40% are fees. The costs of fees are very large, so they find new solution to move funds- cryptocurrencies. 

    The story shows the road of Ronald from transaction in Bitcoins from his sister to Ugandan shillings in their wallet. It may seem that Uganda is lagging behind in cryptocurrency payments but the truth is that there is a large demand for cryptocurrencies there. The movie show new possibilities on how digital currency can change many underdeveloped countries. The short story was realized in 2014.

  3. 3 The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

    The documentary is filmed and written by Daniel Mross, Patrik Lope and Nicholas Mross, all Bitcoin enthusiasts who are willing to get to the roots of cryptocurrency. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin touches the mysterious roots of Bitcoin and some speculation on who is the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto and the people who has contacted with him. 

    The movie clearly shows the current monetary system in general. This documentary even features then Bitcoin enthusiasts, now Bitcoin billionaires The Winklewoss brothers. This movie was selected in the 2014 Tribeca film festival’s official selection.

  4. 4 Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It

    The 60-minute 2014 documentary was created by Torsten Hoffmann and Michael Watchulonis. The most interesting part about this documentary is the fact that it was crowdfunded in Kickstarter in 2014. The documentary raised 17,362 Australian Dollars in the campaign. Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It exposes the practices of central bank and the partners in crime who devastated the world in the last crisis. It shows significantly Government influence on money creation and how it causes inflation. 

    More interestingly is this film also explains how most money we use today is created out of nothing by commercial banks when they make loans. This film goes deep in information and will even surprise you on how little you know about money. The documentary has won in the feature film category at The Bitfilm Festival and is included in Anthem film festival official selection in 2015.

  5. 5 The Bitcoin Gospel

    Roger Ver otherwise known as Bitcoin Jesus has created an outstanding bitcoin documentary. The documentary is 45 minute long journey through Bitcoin history and the main principles of cryptocurrencies. 

    The documentary includes a lot of well famous persons in the cryptocurrency world like Peter Todd, Andreas Antonopoplus, Marshall Long and Brett Scott. 'Bitcoin gospel” has autographical character because it share some juicy details about Ver’s life in USA, even the part where he was in Federal jail for selling explosives on eBay. Overall, the documentary is enjoyable and rich in information.

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