What is Cardano?

Much like Ethereum, Cardano is a smart contract platform that was conceptualized by Charles Hoskinson (one of co-founders of Ethereum). Being a smart contract platform, it allows users to exchange money and assets (property, shares, and stocks) while maintaining maximum transparency and eliminating the need for a middleman. However, what is new and unique about Cardano (and the blockchain technology that it utilizes) is that it has been developed using scientific philosophy and peer-reviewed academic research. It is the first of its kind to make use of ‘high assurance code’ to standardize, protect, and promote the Cardano protocols.

The utility token on the Cardano platform is called ADA. Active Cardano users are awarded this currency for participation.

How does it compare to Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Satoshi Nakamoto’s concept of Bitcoin was revolutionary when it was first conceived. It was the first cryptocurrency that leveraged blockchain technology to offer a decentralized finance counterculture that did not involve the government or any other middleman. However, the problem with these first generation blockchain(s) was that they did not allow for complex conditions to be added to transactions. Ethereum sought to resolve these problems by offering smart contracts that improved the utility of cryptocurrencies that utilized blockchain technology. The Ethereum network gave developers the opportunity to create applications that use a programming language running on blockchain!

To date, it is the most evolved form of blockchain technology that focuses on resolving concerns about scalability, interoperability, and sustainability – that is why Cardano (ADA) offers much promise and may even revolutionize the cryptocurrency landscape.

Cardano in crypto casino games

One of the most popular uses for Cardano is gambling: betting and playing casino games because of how it has been deemed ‘provably secure’ (player-friendly mechanism that ensures there is no foul play).

That’s why we are excited to welcome and embrace Cardano (ADA) at 1xBit and hope that you are too!

What are the benefits at 1xBit?

1xBit is an online casino & sportsbook where fun meets crypto: the list of cryptocurrencies has already reached 30, including EOS, BNB and now – Cardano!

Wonder why you should join 1xBit?

Take a look at the benefits!

·         Welcoming bonus. All newcomers are rewarded with a 7 BTC welcome bonus for the first 4 deposits. We want you to have a jolly good time!

·  30 cryptocurrencies. 1xBit is cryptocurrency-friendly. Now that we accept Cardano (ADA), it is about to get all the more fun here!

·      Anonymous casino. You do not have to input any private or personal information to get started on 1xBit. Enjoy 100% anonymity.

·    Multi-currency account. We have 100+ game providers and 5000+ slots at 1xBit, all of which can be enjoyed through your multi-currency account.

Hop over and join in on the fun at 1xBit!

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