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Tron Breaks Out to the Top

Highlights: Tron has recently emerged as the top dapp platformUsually toppers EOS and Ethereum as seeing consistently low usage and volumeWith the most number of active...

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Libra Opens Shop, Finally Elects Board

Highlights: The Libra Foundation has finally open up shop by holding a general inaugural meetingA total of 5 board member have been elected from among the...

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Vitalik’s Plan to Lay Out ETH 2.0

Highlights: Vitalik Buterin recently announced his plans to rollout the highly awaited ETH 2.0The new update will take over ETH 1.0 and include some of the highly...

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Binance Launched P2P Trading in China

Highlights: Binance opens P2P trading to 1.3 billion Chinese citizens Users can transfer the Chinese Yuan among each other instead of loading it on the Binance ExchangeSimilar...

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Libra Exit Follows

Highlights: Facebook’s Libra vision seems to be going down as US senators passed an open letterLetters were sent to the two main card companies, MasterCard and VisaFollowing...

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