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25 Rock-Solid Dating Advice For Men Tips

Here are 25 tips in no particular order – and yes, a few of them might be considered counter-intuitive and controversial, but hey, it’s me.
Some of these are tips, some are very specific, some of them are more general.
Some of these tips are simply ways of looking at the world that we use here at Loveawake dating site.
Without further ado…
1.    All other things being equal, the guy who meets 5 new girls every day has a much better chance than the guy who meets only 5 new girls a month.
2.    The guy who meets 30 girls a day has much more than simply 6 times a better chance as the guy who meets 5 girls a day.
3.    An hour and a half meeting 30 girls on the street will teach the average guy infinitely more about himself and his game than spending 5 hours in a bar/club.
4.    There is an inverse proportion regarding the number of new girls a guy meets and how much shit he has to take from any one of them if he wants to have women in his life.
5.    Meet more women and you have to tolerate less crap (you have more options).
6.    Meet fewer women and the more crap you have to be willing to handle (you have fewer options).
7.    There are places on Earth where meeting 30 new girls a day just won’t get the job done. In that case, go for 60. Understand you may need to go for 100. Then again, you could leave and go find a better place to live.
8.    The good Lord created telephones for men to call women up and ask them out on dates. That should take all of a minute for each call. Otherwise, stay off of the dang thing with her.
9.    Text game, Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media are all seriously cool tools, and totally unnecessary when it comes to dating. Guys can get equal or even better results with women by staying completely away from all of them. Just use the phone to call her up to ask her out on a date.
10.  Money won is sweeter than money earned. The same is true when it comes to women. Rock stars, movie stars, famous athletes, celebrities, and captains of industry figured this one out ages ago.
11.  It doesn’t matter at all what you – or any of your buddies or dating advice gurus, or anyone who influences you – think women want. All that matters is what your target demographic prefer, and what they actually do.
12.  The fastest and easiest way to get really good at getting lots of girls quickly is to learn how to spot which ones already like you and go after them. Ignore the others.
13.  A guy who wants to approach 10s will not necessarily use the same techniques as a guy who wants to sleep with 10s, who, in turn, won’t use the same moves as a guy who wants to have a great relationship with a 10. Understanding what your real goal is and rolling out accordingly is the beginning of success.
14.  The guy who believes that a girl that played ‘hard to get’ with him to get will then also play ‘hard to get’ with another guy, and thus making her more difficult to be peeled off of him, does not want to be in a small bar with her when Leonardo Di Caprio, George Clooney, and Johnny Depp all walk in together.
15.  The guy who believes if a girl was easy for him to lay, then she’ll be easy for any guy to bang, might want to either check his self-esteem, or his choice of women. Either way, he should definitely take a break from hitting the clubs/bars scene; it’s probably skewing his view of women.
16.  When they’re 18-22, they fall in and out of love at the drop of a hat. Keep that in mind if you decide to fall for one.
17.  Girls that aren’t into you don’t play hard to get – they ARE hard to get.
18.  Total 10s know they can get pretty much whatever they want. The problem is they pretty much don’t want what’s out there. If she thinks you’re IT, then you’ve won the Wonka Ticket. A wise guy figures this out and arranges his life accordingly.
19.  A good-looking guy will always have an advantage, unless he’s socially uncalibrated and/or has lots of emo baggage. In that case, his advantage is nullified.
20.  Make her laugh. When she complains about your not being serious, make her laugh some more. If she continues to complain, ditch her and go find a better girl. Life is too short to be stuck with a girl with a lousy sense of humor who nags.
21.  Let her be the one to open the boxes, not you. But when she does, deflect with humor and redirect back at her with insightful questions. She has a reason for wanting to talk about it – let her.
22.  When you’re away from her, go dark. No phone calls, no text messages, no contact at all. Let her think you’ve been abducted by aliens or gone into Witness Protection. Give her the gift of missing you.
23.  Hollywood’s Golden Age presented guys with grand models of how to get it done: Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, and best of all – Cary Grant.
24.  Knowing why you started diving into the dating advice scene is key for understanding how to measure your results. Some guys want to meet up and hang with the bros – kinda like reliving/revisiting their frat boy days, some want to study something new, some want to rail against women, some want attention from others and to complain about how unfair their lives are, some want to be able to actually walk up to and talk to girls. Some want to get laid a lot. Some are looking for a girlfriend or a wife. The biggest tragedies occur when guys either forget why they wanted to improve with women to begin with, or worse, remember their initial motivations but get distracted by the flashing lights and ringing bells.
25.  Remember who you are and why you’re here.


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